• June 17, 2024

Former CNN Staffers Call Out The Network For Being ‘Divisive and Boring’ In The Trump Era

 Former CNN Staffers Call Out The Network For Being ‘Divisive and Boring’ In The Trump Era

CNN has become the absolute worst cable news network.

Anyone who remembers what it was like just ten years ago knows it is barely recognizable today.

Former staffers and producers appear to agree.

FOX News reports:

CNN called out by former staffers; ex-producer says network has shown ‘lack of self-awareness’ in Trump era

A former CNN producer accused Don Lemon of hurting the network with a “divisive” and “boring” show, telling Fox News that his former employer has shown “a lack of self-awareness” during the Trump era.

Former CNN senior digital producer Steve Krakauer, who now pens the Fourth Watch media newsletter, took Lemon to task in the most recent edition. He became the latest ex-staffer to publicly attack CNN on Friday, when he pointed out a series of recent “embarrassing” moments from Lemon’s show, such as lecturing actor Terry Crews about Black Lives Matter and bursting into laughter when a guest mocked Trump supporters.

“It’s unfortunate, and it hurts CNN. I enjoyed working with Don, and he has a staff that is full of talented people. But the current dismissiveness of anything resembling dissent on his show – any straying from the company line – makes his program one of the more divisive on CNN, and, frankly, one of the more boring too,” Krakauer wrote.

The Fourth Watch editor noted that Lemon was once enjoyable, but “that was the pre-Trump Don Lemon,” and Monday’s lecture to Crews that the Black Lives Matter movement has nothing to do with Black-on-Black gun violence was“ particularly divisive and embarrassing” for CNN.

See the tweets below:

Hard to get more fear-mongering about COVID-19 than this from Anderson Cooper tonight to the director of the IHME: “Kids going back to school, if that happens, that means more people will die?”

(To his credit, Dr. Murray did not say “yes” necessarily)… But also, about IHME 1/ pic.twitter.com/ZIgu1IBr7B

— Steve Krakauer (@SteveKrak) July 8, 2020

A new low for my former network, CNN.@donlemon and @ChrisCuomo actually mock the worries of people who live in dangerous cities. I’m one of those concerned citizens — and we don’t deserve such mocking condescension.pic.twitter.com/kF6gS3VWDF

— Steve Cortes (@CortesSteve) July 8, 2020

Can CNN fall any lower? Probably.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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