• February 7, 2023

Former Senator Claire McCaskill Says Capitol Riots Were Worse Than Benghazi – Early Alzheimers or Just Dishonest?

 Former Senator Claire McCaskill Says Capitol Riots Were Worse Than Benghazi – Early Alzheimers or Just Dishonest?

If you needed a reminder why the citizens of Missouri refused to re-elect the incompetent, intellectually limited Clair McCaskill, she provided it today. Here’s the headline from the NY Post:

Ex-Senator Claire McCaskill says Capitol riots were worse than Benghazi

I had to double-check that this was not a new piece of satire from the Babylon Bee. Nope. I looked at my calendar fearing it was April 1st and this was a lame attempt at macabre humor. Double no.

Here’s what she said:

Former Sen. Claire McCaskill said Friday that she believes last January’s Capitol riot was worse than the 2012 attack on US personnel in Benghazi.

“Joe I have one word: Benghazi. Benghazi had in the House alone six investigations,” the Missouri Democrat told MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. “If you compare and contrast, I don’t want to minimize the loss of life in Benghazi or the problems around the security of those locations, but lets compare and contrast those two events and which is more foundation shaking to our democracy.”

If you have been living in a cave or cannot remember what happened six months ago let me refresh your memory. Thousands of Trump supporters walked into the Capitol, many at the invitation of the U.S. Capitol Police.  There was some shouting and there was some pushing and shoving. But the massive crowd was largely peaceful. The Trump supporters did not kill a soul. The Trump supporters did not use firearms or explosives. Little physical damage was done to the Capitol.

These facts notwithstanding, our corrupt Department of Justice and its Gestapo-like henchmen, the disgraced FBI, declared this was an insurrection and have arrested and incarcerated hundreds and ignored the Constitution. We saw this kind of appalling harassment of political opponents by the likes of Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini. I never thought I would see our own Federal institutions stoop to such disgraceful actions.

So this was worse than Benghazi? Really?

Four Americans were killed by radical Islamists who stormed the temporary residence of Ambassador Chris Stevens and attacked the secret CIA base that was being used to arm Islamic insurgents in Syria:

Ambassador Chris StevensInformation Officer Sean Smith[1]CIA contractors and former Navy SEALsGlen Doherty and Tyrone Woods

An additional seven Americans were wounded during the combat operation trying to fend off the Islamic radicals surrounding the CIA base.

Please, Senator McCaskill, how in the name of all things holy are the events of January 6 “worse” than what transpired in Benghazi?

There is one parallel–the Americans defending the CIA base in Benghazi and the Americans who entered the Capitol to protest a stolen election were abandoned by their

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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