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Former Tulsa officers falsely charged by the DEEP STATE later found to be innocent

 Former Tulsa officers falsely charged by the DEEP STATE later found to be innocent
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In July 2010 two Tulsa Police officers were federally indicted on over 63 counts. Ranging from drug trafficking, gun crimes, witness tampering, perjury, kidnapping, civil right violations the list was huge. Both former officers Bill Yelton, and Jeff Henderson were veterans of the department, highly decorated, not one single complaint of anything mentioned above in their careers.
The crimes were brought to them after more than a year long of grand jury meetings, and one former federal agent with the ATF who had been audio recorded selling drugs with a confidential informant, depositing of thousands of dollars in cash, and admittedly confessed to all the charges he was indicted for. Former Agent Brandon McFadden did all of this, but in his pleading to the court he said he learned how to do all of these crimes after being taught by Jeff Henderson.
Although Henderson had no large deposits of cash, no unexplained wealth, and like most police officers worked multiple jobs outside the police department. Henderson and Yelton had nothing indicating they were involved in corruption until the federal agent who was looking at the possibility of up to 40 years made these bogus allegations.
The former Tulsa officers were charged and detained after the Obama and Eric Holder administration used three prosecutors to hold detention hearings to tell the Democrat Judge Bruce Black how much of a threat to the community each officer was. Both had lived in the Tulsa community for decades, each attended local schools, raised families, and were known by many people in the community and had many witnesses testify on their behalf, but both were detained and placed in solitary confinement for over a year awaiting trial.
No more than three showers a week, they were not allowed outside like other jailed suspects, and for nearly the first week were not given a phone call to their families. The federal government after months gave both officers the discovery of their case. Boxes of over 70k documents, most of which had been quadruplicated copies and after sifting through all of these boxes used for intimidation the results were of less than 500 documents of their own police reports, search warrants, affidavits and phone records that would eventually be the sword that cut the government.
Trial began in July of 2011 and lasted one month. The government called over 40 witnesses, consisting mostly of career criminals, gang members, drug dealers, prison inmates that both officers had arrested in the past. The testimony from many witnesses changed on the stand, some were literally caught lying on the stand, many photographs that the government had, but ignored proved the innocence of the officers.  The defense called less than 15 witnesses and both defendants took the stand.
In the end of what was truly a circus in a courtroom and would not be allowed in many state court houses, the federal government called one FBI Agent to give an opinion. The opinion of this FBI Agent was that Jeff Henderson who had obtained a search warrant on information from a known long time reliable confidential informant on a drug house could not of been at the location he testified to in 2009 while on surveillance. The FBI Agent testified after objections from Henderson’s council that the FBI Agent was not a qualified expert in phone triangulation or qualified in his testimony. Judge Bruce Black allowed it anyway stating the FBI Agent could offer an opinion.
The Agent’s opinion was that Henderson’s phone pinged off a cell tower approximately 3.6 miles away. If Henderson was where he said he was it should have pinged off a closer cell tower. When asked the radius of the cell tower Henderson’s phone used that day during surveillance the FBI conveniently did not know details of the cell tower. It was not until Henderson had been convicted that his defense team learned that the tower had a radius of over 6 miles.
After three days of deliberation the jury acquitted Bill Yelton of all counts. Jeff Henderson was convicted on perjury stemming from the testimony he gave in 2009 in regards to the drug house where officers just happened to execute a search warrant. Finding what was described on the warrant, the suspect named on the warrant and he was a convicted cocaine trafficker.
The opinion of the FBI Agent was the cause for the perjury conviction. The other dozens and dozens of felony counts were dismissed by the jury after officers proved they were false. Jeff Henderson received 42 months in federal prison. Henderson spent nearly 2 years in a 9×9 jail cell before and after his conviction. He was actually nominated for the Medal of Valor while sitting in jail after saving a hostage at a radio station who had been taken at gunpoint by an armed suspect that Henderson shot.
Jeff Henderson appealed his conviction, one juror actually came forward directly after the trial and told the federal judge she had been told by the jury foreman she couldn’t change her mind during deliberation. She had said she did not believe the officers lied about their whereabouts.
After the Henderson case a federal judge in the eastern district of Illinois actually used Henderson’s conviction as case law. U.S. vs Henderson. Stating that the court cannot accept an opinion on how cell towers operate and should have a qualified expert for this kind of testimony.
Jeff Henderson has submitted a presidential pardon request under Trump’s first term. He has since sent another request under President Biden as well, but the status just shows pending after nearly two years. We should ask if the grand jury is one of the most unconstitutional things in America? Where a person has no defense attorney on their behalf, while the government throws softball questions to get people indicted. This should be evaluated.
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