• July 21, 2024

Fox News Is Going Belly Up, Ask Anyone

 Fox News Is Going Belly Up, Ask Anyone

Fox News decided to take Tucker Carlson off the air, even as they paid off Dominion Voting Systems nearly 800 million dollars. Both sound like bad decisions.

Unless they get better advice, they will go belly up, conk out, crack up, flake out, implode, give out, and languish.


If they continue going down the path they’re on, Fox News will go belly-up.

People have alternatives to Fox News. There is Newsmax, One America News, Conservative online platforms, and streaming. It’s sad to lose Fox News, but the people running it made it suicidal. The hosts they have left might not be enough to save them, certainly not for the long term. The viewers are elderly, and they aren’t getting new ones.

The Fox cable news crash is real, and it’s not letting up.  While they have been moving left for a while and lost viewers after their abysmal election coverage, firing Tucker might be their Waterloo.

Whoever advises them needs to be sent packing. They had a winning format and decided to move left. Fox is a dangerous network right now because a lot of people still think they’re conservative. They have the power to poison their views with dishonest reporting. They’re like a Lyndsey Graham claiming to be conservative.

Fox’s applauding of gender ideology won’t win them left-wing viewers, but it will discourage their older viewers and the new viewers Tucker attracted. Most of Fox’s watchers will be dead in ten years.


Last week, they almost lost in the demo (ages 18 to 54) to CNN, a channel that didn’t reach half a million viewers one day last week.


Primetime Average – Total Viewers/Demo Viewers

  • MSNBC: 1.521 million / 172,000

  • FOX: 1.505 million / 139,000

  • CNNLOL: 677,000 / 131,000

Primetime Average – Total Viewers/Demo Viewers

  • MSNBC: 932,000 / 109,000
  • FOX: 1.09 million / 127,000
  • CNNLOL: 491,000 / 94,000

Matt Walsh on Facebook

Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh explained just how bad it is.

For 120 straight weeks, Fox News was the most-watched cable news network in primetime.

Its main competitors, MSNBC and CNN, never came close. In the key advertising demographic — people between the ages of 25 and 54 — Fox News was the undisputed leader.

But last week, after nearly two months of declining ratings following the ouster of Tucker Carlson, Fox News’ streak came to an abrupt and very unceremonious end.

Last Friday, Fox News recorded its worst performance in primetime in the network’s history. Just 109,000 people between the ages of 25 to 54 tuned into Tucker Carlson’s old 8 pm time slot to watch the replacement show “Fox News Tonight.”

How bad is that? To put it in context, “Fox News Tonight” was ranked 41st out of all cable news shows on Friday. This is the time slot that used to routinely be ranked number one.

Now YouTube streams of people playing with Legos get more viewers. And keep in mind — Fox News attracted those 109,000 viewers on a very busy news night after the announcement of Donald Trump’s indictment. Not many people cared what Fox News anchors had to say about the indictment of a presidential frontrunner.

Whatever you make of that, it’s clear that the implosion of Fox News is well underway. And it’s showing no signs of stopping.

Last week, as Tucker discussed on his Twitter show Thursday, Fox News executives publicly condemned a veteran producer who wrote a banner criticizing Joe Biden. Five years ago, the banner wouldn’t have attracted any attention whatsoever. But under the current leadership at Fox News, it led to the producer leaving the network within 48 hours.

That banner is the most interesting thing that’s happened in that time slot for about two months, so of course, Fox News cracked down on it.

What’s happening at Fox feels familiar. The network is on the same trajectory we saw with Bud Light, then Target. Fox News executives, for some reason, are destroying their own product, and now they’ve lost the trust of their customer base.

J.D. Rucker at Liberty Daily posted the Walsh comments and elaborated:

“Fox News is willfully misleading Americans. They have been doing so for some time, working as controlled opposition by sprinkling globalist propaganda in with their occasional moments of ideological clarity.

“They didn’t like Tucker Carlson. They don’t like any of the current hosts who are marginally patriotic or who embrace the truth. They tolerate the occasional truth as a means to entice people into absorbing the propaganda they deliver.”

I think that’s right, and it’s why I quit watching. I watched Tucker. That was it. I look for the occasional clip, but Fox has nothing to offer me. It’s sad. It’s like losing a friend but it’s not the same Fox. I don’t trust them.

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