• April 14, 2024

Fox News Stock Crashes, Lost $962 Million After Tucker’s Exit

 Fox News Stock Crashes, Lost $962 Million After Tucker’s Exit

Tucker Carlson is off Fox News.

Tucker Carlson is off Fox News.

Update: It went to about -4.06%, but it’s climbing again. People are buying low.

Tucker Carlson is no longer with Fox News. The network has lost $962 million so far, and there is no sign of it letting up.

Tucker Carlson was important to Fox, not just for his show’s success but also for Fox Nation’s success. People will see it as the downfall of the network. Did Tucker leave on his own, was it mutual, or did Fox make him part of the settlement with Dominion Voting Systems?

Tucker departed one week after the company settled a defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems.

It was an unceremonious exit with a short clinical statement by Fox.

Tucker Carlson has consistently had one of the most-watched news shows on cable TV. He’s also the lure for Fox Nation.

Tucker leaving is a win for Media Matters, AOC, Democrats, George Soros, and RINOs, and the list is too long to complete.

What network will pick him up? Dominion is suing OANN and Newsmax. Neither network is in a position to pick him up. They’re lucky if they survive. Perhaps Levin’s or Beck’s network could pick him up.

Whether the crash continues to go over $962 million, we can’t say, but Fox had to know this would happen. They must have faced an existential threat with this lawsuit.


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