• May 23, 2024

French Trans Activist Accused of Assaulting a Migrant Lesbian at a Feminist March

 French Trans Activist Accused of Assaulting a Migrant Lesbian at a Feminist March

A French trans man was accused of physical assault with another migrant lesbian during a feminist gathering on March 8th in France.

Jodie, a migrant lesbian and member of the group Amazon, a group of radical feminist activists very committed against prostitution, was assaulted by a trans activist who is a member of the New Anticapitalist Party (NPA), a French far-left political party.

Translation: At a time when we are worried about our sisters [in Ukraine] expected at the borders by pimps, people like @actupparis & @STRASS_Syndicat who campaign FOR pimping, find nothing better to do than to hit the abolitionists.ORWELLIAN.

A l’heure où l’on s’inquiète pour nos sœurs

attendues aux frontières par des proxénètes, des gens comme @actupparis@STRASS_Syndicat qui militent POUR le proxénétisme, ne trouvent rien de mieux à faire que de frapper les abolitionnistes.

ORWELIEN. pic.twitter.com/3E2L3GUDgv

— Marguerite Stern (@Margueritestern) March 8, 2022

Another angle:

Puisque @actupparis diffame, voici la vidéo complète: un homme nous agresse et une femme violente pro-macu prend sa défense et nous frappe. Arrêtez la paranoïa sur la transphobie, les violences venaient des groupes avec des hommes face à nos pancartes en soutien aux survivantes. pic.twitter.com/9GuASj4Y9e

— Pauline Makoveitchoux (@PaulineMakov) March 8, 2022

Translation: Meet the transactivist woman who physically assaulted one of our members, Jodie, a racialized migrant lesbian, and @pussik_riot from @l_amazone_. This abusive woman is part of the LGBTI commission of @NPA_officiel

Voici la femme transactiviste qui a physiquement agressé l’une de nos membres, Jodie , une lesbienne migrante racisée, et @pussik_riot de @l_amazone_

Cette femme agresseuse fait partie de la commission LGBTI du @NPA_officielhttps://t.co/i9ZpXzfJzCpic.twitter.com/GgQhPmSyI0

— Résistance Lesbienne (@ResistanceLesbi) March 8, 2022

The New Anticapitalist Party was with another group calledSTRASS a Union of sexual workers in France that defends the rights of sex workers, mainly prostitutes.

Translation: Super feminist march today in Paris full of beautiful pleasant encounters including @PhilippePoutou that we will soon find for a discussion with @NPA_officiel on the TDS. No feminism, no class

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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