• June 18, 2024

Freshly WOKE ! Meet the latest to join MAGA and put on the Armor of God!

 Freshly WOKE ! Meet the latest to join MAGA and put on the Armor of God!

Ann Vandersteel – Investigator Reporter / Host

Freshly WOKE! Meet anon Jimmy Dean… he has been a conservative Christian his whole life. Self-made man, husband and father. Turning 50 this year and is still choking on the big red pill. Ann has known “Jimmy Dean” for about 30 years and he knew she was the one to call when he had questions about President Trump and the state of our country. After digesting many different sources Ann sent his way, and watching SteelTruth, Ann convinced him to speak out as a newly woke voice of MAGA. Jimmy is a Texan and a great new voice to red pill and spread the word of MAGA and the America First Agenda in support of our President Donald J. Trump.
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