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Good News

 Good News

… Good News Friday: 04/12/24


April 12, 2024

Dear Patriot,

Our favorite day of the week, when we can point out and celebrate the good news that is being pushed under the rug.

1- Very rare good news for the Biden Regime’s political prisoners.

The Washington Post

Some Jan. 6 rioters win early release, even before key Supreme Court ruling

QUOTE: Federal judges have begun ordering the early release pending appeal of Jan. 6 defendants who challenged their sentences even though the Supreme Court is a week away from hearing arguments on whether a key charge brought against them is legally sound.

A Delaware man who carried a Confederate flag into the Capitol will be let go one year into his three-year term. An Ohio man who overran police lines and became one of the first rioters to enter the Capitol will be set free six months into a 19-month term. And a man who entered the just-evacuated Senate chamber with a Trump flag as a cape was released after serving five months of a 14-month term.

If the Supreme Court ultimately determines the charge they faced was legitimate, they and others who are released early pending appeal could be ordered to return to prison — but that is not a certainty.

The truncated sentences are the latest complications in the prosecution of more than 350 Jan. 6 defendants under a federal statute that makes it a crime to obstruct or impede an official proceeding — in this case, Congress’s joint session to confirm Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential victory.

2- If you have a female loved one who wants to play college sports, send them to a SMALL college. They will be better protected from mentally ill men pretending to be women while competing.


NAIA bans trans athletes from women’s sports

QUOTE: The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, the governing body for mostly small colleges, announced a policy Monday that all but bans transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports.

The NAIA Council of Presidents approved the policy in a 20-0 vote. The NAIA, which oversees some 83,000 athletes at schools across the country, is believed to be the first college sports organization to take such a step.

According to the transgender participation policy, all athletes may participate in NAIA-sponsored male sports but only athletes whose biological sex assigned at birth is female and who have not begun hormone therapy will be allowed to participate in women’s sports.

A student who has begun hormone therapy may participate in activities such as workouts, practices and team activities, but not in interscholastic competition.

3- Young women in America are not fully lost, they are just hiding.

Kimberly Begg at The Federalist

Survey: Most Young Women Hold Conservative Beliefs But Hide Them

QUOTE: Women face incredible pressure to suppress our conservative inclinations. A recent national survey by the KAConsulting Group on behalf of the Clare Boothe Luce Center for Conservative Women reveals this truth and suggests what lies behind the façade of studies that indicate otherwise.

The story of suppressed conservative instincts begins with government-run K-12 education. We all know wonderful people from our neighborhood schools. But our one-size-fits-all approach makes even well-intentioned teachers complicit in imposing a leftist worldview on impressionable young people.

Higher education and online spaces reinforce leftist assumptions and may be especially harmful for young women. More than 60 percent of college students are now women. Women are more likely than men to study disciplines dominated by leftists, including education, women’s studies, psychology, social work, and other humanities and social sciences.

We often hear that better-educated women are more progressive. But is the cause education itself or the indoctrination within education that is reinforced by the culture? The question remains: Are women more liberal or more conservative at heart?

Here, the KAConsulting survey provides remarkable insights. Among all women (80 percent of whom did not identify as conservative): 79 percent think a stay-at-home mom is equal in success to women in a professional field; 74 percent think kids should have the opportunity to attend a school of their choice, regardless of zip code; 71 percent oppose transgender surgeries for minors; 68 percent plan to be married with at least one child by the time they’re 30; 64 percent think hook-up culture is harmful to women; and 62 percent oppose men competing in women’s sports.

Given these findings, why don’t women register more conservative in Pew and other research data? The answer may be found in women’s prioritization of friendships and family relationships. The KAConsulting survey reveals that 42 percent of all women conceal or downplay their views. Among these, 75 percent cite the desire to avoid conflict, and another 10 percent fear losing friends or family. Among self-identified conservative women, 50 percent conceal their views and, in addition to avoiding conflict, 10 percent fear “being canceled” and 9 percent fear a negative effect on their grades.

America’s young women are far from lost. They are the unrealized, reluctant-to-offend, naturally conservative leaders of a freer, more virtuous America. They need to know they’re not alone.

4- Biden continues to try to illegally buy votes. Seven state Attorneys General are calling him out for it.


7 More States Sue Biden Over Student Loan Relief Plan

QUOTE: Seven states filed suit on Tuesday against President Joe Biden, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, and the U.S. Department of Education over Biden’s SAVE income-driven repayment student loan initiative.

Led by Missouri Republican Attorney General Andrew Bailey, the lawsuit is joined by Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, North Dakota, Ohio, and Oklahoma.

“With the stroke of his pen, Joe Biden is attempting to saddle working Missourians with a half trillion dollars in college debt,” Bailey said. “The United States Constitution makes clear that the president lacks the authority to unilaterally ‘cancel’ student loan debt for millions of Americans without express permission from Congress.

Biden’s first attempt at widespread student loan cancellation would have erased $10,000 for borrowers with yearly incomes of up to $125,000, plus an additional $10,000 if they received federal Pell grants for low-income students. It was estimated to cost $400 billion and cancel at least some student debt for more than 40 million people.

The Supreme Court rejected that plan last year, saying Biden overstepped his authority.

Bailey said Biden is attempting to thwart the Constitution to suit his political agenda.

“I’m filing suit to halt his brazen attempt to curry favor with some citizens by forcing others to shoulder their debts,” Bailey said. “The Constitution will continue to mean something as long as I’m attorney general.”

“Just last year, the Supreme Court struck down an attempt by the President to force teachers, truckers, and farmers to pay for the student loan debt of other Americans — to the enormous tune of $430 billion,” the lawsuit read. “In striking down that attempt, the Court declared that the President cannot ‘unilaterally alter large sections of the American economy.'”

“Undeterred, the President is at it again, even bragging that ‘the Supreme Court blocked it. They blocked it. But that didn’t stop me,'” the states added.

In March, 11 states, led by Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach, filed a lawsuit arguing the new plan is no different than Biden’s first effort in loan cancellation which the Supreme Court rejected in June of 2023. Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah, joined Kansas in the previous suit.

5- Not falling for the crazy fad of the moment is a good thing.


Idaho Governor: No, We Aren’t Playing the Pronoun Game Here

QUOTE: Idaho Governor Brad Little signed House Bill 538 on Monday. This means that Idaho school districts will soon have to remove any requirements that teachers use the preferred pronouns of transgender students.

The legislation enacts protections for public employees, including teachers, who are unwilling to use someone’s preferred name and pronouns. Idaho Statehouse Republicans overwhelmingly supported it.

Teachers will no longer be allowed to refer to a student by a name or pronoun that doesn’t match their birth sex unless the teacher has parental consent. Teachers have the right to sue their school district if they are disciplined for refusing to use a transgender student’s preferred name or pronoun.

The law takes effect on July 1. This affects non-binary people, not just transgender students and public employees.

A Christian lobbying group, the Idaho Family Policy Center, praised Governor Little for signing the bill. They said it protects teachers from “adverse employment action” when they use “biologically correct pronouns.”

It’s about time public officials stood up and said enough is enough. It looks like we’re going to have to get politicians involved to stop the madness.

6- Protecting the people of Florida, DeSantis signs bill with stiff penalties for a group of relatively new crimes.

National Review

DeSantis Signs Bill to Combat Retail Theft, Attacks Policies in ‘Leftist Jurisdictions’

QUOTE: Florida governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill on Tuesday that combats retail theft and porch piracy, while attacking “leftist jurisdictions” such as California and New York for failing to implement policies that address these crimes.

“Many leftist jurisdictions are enacting policies that ignore retail theft or even encourage it. Those policies are dead on arrival in Florida. We catch criminals and prosecute them,” DeSantis posted on X.

The legislation, set to take effect July 1, will impose stricter penalties for people who steal retail items, swipe packages off porches, and use social media to incite looting. These offenses will mostly be punishable as felonies.

Before the bill was enacted, Florida had seen a 30 percent decrease in shoplifting since DeSantis took office five years ago. By contrast, shoplifting increased by 63 percent in New York City since 2019 and 81 percent in Los Angeles since 2022. The lenient policies that these cities put in place have forced many retailers to lock products in plastic cases amid rising crime.

In 2022 alone, retailers nationwide lost $112 billion due to retail theft; $4 billion of that amount came from New York that year. Florida seeks to do its part in cutting down on further retail losses through the new legislation.

“Florida is a law-and-order state, and our policies combating organized retail theft are another shining example of how we are leading the nation,” Florida attorney general Ashley Moody said in a statement.

H.B. 549 serves the following penalties: a third-degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison, if criminals commit retail theft with five or more individuals; a second-degree felony, punishable by up to 15 years in prison, if criminals commit retail theft with five or more people and solicit others to participate in the theft via social media; and a first-degree felony, punishable by up to 30 years in prison, if a criminal commits retail theft with a firearm or with at least two prior convictions of retail theft.

The bill also institutes several porch-piracy punishments: a first-degree misdemeanor for theft of property worth less than $40; a third-degree felony in the event of a subsequent violation; and a third-degree felony for theft of property valued at $40 or more.

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7- Anyone who has ever been around a toddler for more than a day understands the power of no. It is good to see this approach being applied to college- aged toddlers by adults.


Power of NO: Colleges are finally starting to stand up to students and punish them for acting like brats

QUOTE: It seems like we are finally seeing the return of one of the most important words you can hear on a college campus: “No.”

Last week, some 150 students at Pomona College, a liberal arts school in Claremont, California, stormed the building that houses school president Gabrielle Starr’s office — and refused to leave, in protest of the removal of pro-Palestinian art on the campus.

Starr did not shrink from the invaders, who were filming her. Instead, she confronted the students, issuing a warning.

She put her foot down and showed that, on her watch, actions have consequences.

Starr’s warning came after swarms of pro-Palestinian students at Vanderbilt University pushed past a security guard and occupied Kirkland Hall, the site of the chancellor’s office, late last month.

Things reached parody level in Nashville when students called 911 because one of them needed to change her tampon. Four were arrested; three were expelled, one suspended and 22 given disciplinary probation.

Last week, University of Michigan president Santa Ono issued a new policy against “disruptive activity” after he was shouted down by students while giving remarks at a convocation.

A handful of years ago, this all would have been unremarkable: school administrators wielding the proverbial yardstick and doling out punishment for behavior that breaks norms, the law or school policy. But in the last decade, many campus leaders have ostensibly turned to “gentle parenting” on an institutional level. It’s all led to an erosion of free speech and authority, and the veneration of student temper tantrums — mostly fueled by micro-aggressions, identity politics and, lately, the Middle East.

There’s also been another sliver of hope, in a different realm of university leadership — a success story fueled by a healthy dose of “no.”

In the lead-up to Monday’s NCAA Men’s National Championship, UConn basketball head coach Danny Hurley was interviewed about his approach to recruiting players.

“There’s measurable talents you have to have,” he said. “The height, the speed, the skill set. But we spend a lot of time really focusing on the parents. Are they going to be fans of their sons when they are on campus or are they going to be parents? Are they going to hold them accountable and have an expectation that [if] something goes wrong…their son has to work harder, do more, earn his role?”

In other words: Hurley is not afraid to say no to talent if they haven’t been schooled in the ABCs of accountability culture.

8- This story made us happy. It takes place in England but, we love the sentiments and spirit of this young woman. We hope careers in heritage industries catches on in America.

The Epoch Times

‘I Love Farming’: Young Woman Who Ditched University to Become a Farmer Says She Has No Regrets

QUOTE: A 22-year-old farmer who chose to not follow the trend of attending university, says she loves being “covered in mud” instead of being stuck in an office.

Erin Murgatroyd is a herd manager at a dairy farm in Devon. She turned to farming as soon as she finished her A-levels and now looks after 400 cows on her farm in Blackawton.

Ms. Murgatroyd said she felt pressure from her teachers to attend university and wanted to get into farming “out of spite.” However, looking back, she doesn’t regret her decision. She earns £32,000 ($40,430) a year and spends her days mucking out sheds and milking cows.

“While I was in school, I got good grades, and they wanted me to do basically anything else,“ Ms. Murgatroyd said. ”As soon as I mentioned farming, they shut it down completely, and it made me put my back up.”

She added that she might have considered attending university if she’d wanted to be a doctor or an architect. She admits that if her teachers had encouraged her to pursue an agricultural degree then she would have given it more consideration.

“I love farming as it’s so practical,” Ms. Murgatroyd said. “Being in the outdoors, there are so many skills I have been able to learn.

After working tirelessly for five years, she is now able to work for 12 days continuously, and then take two days off.

Ms. Murgatroyd and her boyfriend, Matt Neal, 27, a builder, are looking into building a house and say they would not be in that position if she’d racked up debt from going to university.

She is now encouraging other women and girls to consider farming as a career.

Ms. Murgatroyd is among the growing number of youngsters embarking on careers in heritage industries, according to figures published by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education—the UK government’s skills training agency.

9- Just passing along a little health tip you might want to investigate.

The National Pulse

Study: A Cup of Black Tea Could Prevent COVID-19 Infection.

QUOTE: A study carried out by researchers at the University of Georgia suggests a cup of black tea may serve as an additional line of defense against COVID-19 by “inactivating” the virus in the mouth. The study tested five different tea varieties, each prepared with a single bag steeped for 10 minutes. Every one of the teas tested was found to reduce the virus by at least 96 percent within ten seconds of contact in the mouth. Black tea emerged as the most effective, reducing it by 99.9 percent.

COVID-19 can infect and replicate inside the mouth, passing through the throat before ultimately reaching the lungs.

“At this stage, we are not suggesting tea as a stand-alone intervention against COVID, because the virus also replicates in the nose and may have already reached the lung by the time a person tests positive,” said Malak Esseili, a virologist at the University of Georgia, who led the study. “But tea can be an additional layer of intervention that the patients and their families can easily adopt on a routine basis.”

Supporting this, a Japanese study from the Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine also showed that drinking matcha latte or green tea could help limit COVID-19 transmission. Scientists found that tea-based molecules, EGCG and TFDG, could bind to the virus spike protein, impeding its infectivity, and were particularly against the Omicron variant.

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