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Governor Pritzker Releases Prisoners Amid COVID 19 Protecting Nursing Home Residents & Seniors Ignored

 Governor Pritzker Releases Prisoners Amid COVID 19 Protecting Nursing Home Residents & Seniors Ignored

May 3, 2020  By: A. WrightContact: Philanise For Congress[email protected] 312-554-5015   Chicago _______________ Philanise White, Republican candidate for congress in IL01 agrees with Kevin Graham, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge 7 when he expressed concern over Governor Pritzker’s release of criminals from prison onto the streets over COVID 19 concerns. White, who has a degree in Criminal Justice and works within the health industry stated:
“I question the rational of releasing convicted criminals onto the streets, while nursing home residents continue to suffer alone amid the COVID 19 virus, many of whom have died,”  Governor Pritzker has released convicted criminals from prisons that have had little or no reported cases of the virus, this according to recent reports from several sources including the Epoch Times, health officials and law enforcement personnel. “Illinois seniors and others residing in nursing homes or who have had to be taken to area hospitals have committed no crimes, yet they are left to suffer without the benefit of family to support them. Nursing homes have long been a haven of neglect, abuse and what others would call prisons for the elderly, now this; putting criminals over our most vulnerable, just doesn’t make sense,” White stated. White, who supports law enforcement, first responders and others on the front-line helping to keep citizens safe, says she concurs with Graham that if penalties for crimes are ignored, then what incentive do people have not to commit a crime? White has put out a call to family members who have loved ones in nursing homes or are hospitalized for COVID 19 to contact her via her campaign so she may work with them to reach their elected officials and to join together to address the unfair treatment of families that cannot see or visit their family members.

Families may contact Team Philanise at philaniseforcongress.com or via email to [email protected].

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