• February 28, 2024

Greg Gutfeld Exposes the Left Wing Hacks of Media Matters for America (VIDEO)

 Greg Gutfeld Exposes the Left Wing Hacks of Media Matters for America (VIDEO)

Elon Musk is currently suing the left wing organization Media Matters for America. It’s about time someone did.

During his FOX News show this week, Greg Gutfeld broke down what’s happening, but even more importantly, he clearly explained what MMFA really is.

MMFA bills itself as a media watchdog. The truth is that they are nothing more than a group that seeks to silence anyone who is not on the left.

From FOX News:

There’s been a lot of talk among Dems about misinformation and disinformation. Basically, any sort of information that doesn’t help a Democrat get elected, also known as the truth in the eyes of the Dems. The story of Hunter’s abandoned laptop had to be misinformation because it threatened Joe Biden’s candidacy. So they manipulated social media to quash the story. They suspended it, banned anybody who talked about it. They called it Russian disinformation. And it worked. And they got the result they wanted. A reject from a Balance of Nature ad in the White House.

But that wasn’t enough, especially now that Elon Musk has bought their favorite toy, Twitter, and turned it into something called X. So now Musk must be stopped. Enter Media Matters. On Friday, they put out a report saying Nazi content ran on the app alongside corporate ads from major companies like IBM, Apple and Oracle. And so a bunch of companies suspended their ads on X. But now Musk is suing Media Matters, saying they manufactured the report. Apparently these companies were duped, like someone who bought Girl Scout cookies from Dylan Mulvaney. Be happy that’s all you bought.

But before we go any further, we should clarify what Media Matters really is. In case you don’t know. See, they’re this left-wing group funded by wealthy leftists while dishonestly positioning themselves as an impartial media watchdog. But the only part of that title that’s true is the dog part, because it made Chris Cuomo interviewing his brother seem impartial. Those were the days.

So why is this important? Because the mainstream media uses Media Matters, knowing that the public has no idea what it is and they won’t bother to check that it’s a front to silence people, specifically conservatives.

Watch the whole video below:

Greg nailed this. Especially the part about the way that the mainstream media uses MMFA as a source to attack conservatives.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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