• June 25, 2024

Greg Gutfeld Goes Off On Liberal Juan Williams For Blaming Inner City Violence On Trump (VIDEO)

 Greg Gutfeld Goes Off On Liberal Juan Williams For Blaming Inner City Violence On Trump (VIDEO)

There was an explosive moment on ‘The Five’ on FOX News on Friday.

Greg Gutfeld slammed liberal co-host Juan Williams after he implied that Trump was responsible for the unrest seen recently in American cities.

Juan’s attack was completely dishonest and Greg was right to call him out.

The Daily Caller has details:

‘Wake Up, Juan!’: Greg Gutfeld Rips Juan Williams When He Tries To Blame Inner-City Violence On Trump

When co-host Jesse Watters tried to insert the reality of burning cities, Williams went back to groups “abandoning Trump,” who is “engaged in these kinds of horrible imagery and language because he doesn’t have a message.”

“He’s not killing people in Chicago,” Gutfeld insisted. “He’s not looting, Juan. These things are actually real. They’re not fantasies. True, he could do a better job. He could do a better job facing these problems. We agree with that, but you can’t lay those problems on him as somehow he is conjuring this stuff up in order to win an election.”

“This stuff is real,” he continued. “People are suffering, Juan. They’re suffering in Chicago, they’re suffering in Minneapolis, they’re suffering in New York, they’re suffering in Atlanta, they’re suffering in Dallas, they’re suffering in California, and you go, ‘isolated incidents.’ Wake up, Juan! You’ve got to wake up to this and start helping your party face the truth.”

Watch the whole thing below:

Greg has been very vocal on Twitter lately as well.

A contrast.

the left commits authentic acts of violence for weeks against innocent people- it’s called protest.

meanwhile nonexistent crime is blamed on a law abiding and very patient public.

when is it okay for us to call bullshit on this hysteria?

— GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) June 23, 2020

Greg has been on fire lately.

Check him out on The Five.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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