• February 25, 2024

Hands off our Second Amendment.

 Hands off our Second Amendment.

by Miles V Rahimi Canditate
Congressional District 5 of Oklahoma

It seems that Congress has all but forgotten the reality that guns don’t kill people; people kill people.

That and, as evidenced by the latest 1.4 Trillion dollar bill just passed last month, how not to spend money on outrageous things.

Tens of millions for the Center of Disease Control to study a firearm as if it’s a Public Health Crisis? You’ve got to be kidding me!

When our Founders drafted the Declaration of Independence it was with the understanding that they were standing up against a tyrannical government who would stop at nothing to keep their subjects in line. They full-well knew it wouldn’t take just a document to secure the Liberty we enjoy today.

Imagine, for a moment, Jefferson and Adams standing in front of the Hessians explaining, “You go back and tell your British employers that this document hereby renders your reason for employment null and void.”

Instead, it took them matching their oppressors strength through bearing arms.

When the government restricts our right to bear arms time after time it is not only lessens our ability to defend ourselves but it creates further confusion as to why the right exists.

The First Amendment allows us to live our life by our own determination, check.

The Second Amendment allows us to keep the First Amendment secure, check.

Furthermore, the First Amendment allows Liberty. Liberty, as defined by the dictionary is, “The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions by authority on one’s way of life.”

Given that our Republic is by and for the people the ultimate responsibility of securing the First Amendment, through the means of the Second, falls to the responsible individual.

Every new piece of legislation seems to be just another way to take away more of the responsibility of the individual.

Silencers, for example; do people really believe that there are so many spy wannabes moving around in the shadows using silencers? Have they even heard what a weapon discharge sounds like with a silencer attached? Not so silent.

It seems much more like just another step to say, “Well, we banned that, let’s take it a step further.”

Why not focus that kind of spending on something that would actually assist individuals with bringing responsibility back into their own life instead of being dependent on the government.

I have worked extensively in Mental Health, specifically Substance Abuse. I have seen the profound impact that rehabilitation programs are able to have in helping some reclaim their own sense of responsibility.

Yet, we are seeing larger cities ridden with drug addicted vagrants and excessively strict gun laws, which are largely Democrat strongholds, claiming to be for the individual but passing policy to ensure their dependence.

At the end of the day, it seems to be a significant difference between party lines in what we believe the governments role is. I am 100% for  maintaining the individuals responsibilities and want to fight for that.

Help me stand up to fight: www.miles4ok5.com


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