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Harvard Student Newspaper FURIOUS Over Campus Republicans Endorsing Trump

 Harvard Student Newspaper FURIOUS Over Campus Republicans Endorsing Trump
P.J. Gladnick October 10th, 2020

GASP! Who ever head of such a thing? A campus political organization endorsing the re-election of their party’s president.

Such was the outrage of the Harvard student newspaper, The Crimson, over the endorsement by the Harvard Republican Club of President Donald Trump for re-election. The Crimson‘s editorial, “Harvard Republicans Hail to the Chief,” denouncing this endorsement sputtered with outrage over what they seem to consider a heinous act.

The Republican Club has every right to endorse the candidate of their choosing; free country and all. But how they could possibly come to this conclusion — the day after Trump’s shameful debate showing, when their predecessors left them a blueprint on how to denounce Trump last election cycle — evades us.

It really seems to bother The Crimson that despite the Harvard Republican Club declining to endorse Trump in 2016, they now think he has done such a good job as president that he has earned their 2020 endorsement. It enraged The Crimson so much that they went ahead and accused those who endorsed Trump as  being white supremacists as well as an assault on the sensibilities of other students:

Not only is it impossible to separate an endorsement of Trump from tacit approval of white supremacy, it’s impossible not to see this endorsement as a provocation that willfully belittles other students’ identity and disregards their safety.

What especially irks The Crimson is their admission that Trump’s popularity has grown among young conservatives.

Polling evidence suggests that Trump is consolidating his support among young conservatives. 21 percent of 18-29 year olds backed him against Hillary R. Clinton, while 27 percent have backed him this cycle. These trends suggest Trumpism may well persist in elite conservative circles for a good while.

…As young elites make peace with and even come to embrace his style and politics, an important, scary truth emerges: the Republican Party’s Trumpian elements will continue long after he does.

Sayeth the very worried liberal elites of The Crimson.

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