• June 16, 2024

House of Mirrors

 House of Mirrors

Everyone feels the shake up, the wake up, the house of
mirrors reflecting back their every thought and emotion, while this carnival
ride spins faster and faster. Everyone wants to know what’s coming next, what
to prepare for, what to hope for, and how it’s all going to roll out. Inhaling,
exhaling, trying to reclaim thoughts, shed fears, and play in the world’s
largest game of charades. Trying to figure out body language, reading between
the lines, reviewing endless documents, attempted legislation, and tuning into
some of the most graphically disturbing videos of our time. But the house of
mirrors is at the center of it all.

Reaction is everything. It drives your thoughts, emotions,
possibilities, opportunities, and hopelessness. Each new piece of information
or action that is witnessed, is another reaction, and in that reaction is the
reflection of yourself, revealing your innermost hopes, fears, and doubts. For
each person, it is different. Though everyone may feel rage over a specific
incident, the rage is triggered for different reasons in each person, and the
reactions vary. Recognizing and reconciling all of this brings necessary
awareness. Each action is another mirror – another self-discovery.

While everyone is using all of their energy to focus on what
is taking place outside of them, it is fueling anger, fear, anxiety, and
depression, while creating a mass scale collective energy bomb of lowly
vibration that perpetuates and manifests a furtherance of the same negative
energy. Don’t get stuck on their hamster wheel. It’s a trap.

People are often afraid of the unknown, not knowing what’s
going to happen next, of change, of lack, and not being in control. We are in
the thick of that forest right now, but there is a path one can follow through
that forest instead of getting lost. Letting go of control is probably the
hardest part for most. Following the path of faith and knowing that no matter
what happens, it is as it should be, and for reasons much bigger than you or I.
This path is lit, you just need to trust in yourself and take the first step.
Remove all of the chaos from your mind, let go for a moment, breatheRead More

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