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How corrupt is Swamp Judge Amy Berman Jackson?

 How corrupt is Swamp Judge Amy Berman Jackson?

Critics of Jackson accuse her of bias against Trump and his associates, noting that she was appointed by President Barack Obama

Judge Amy Berman Jackson (above), Federal District of District of Columbia (D.C.)


Berman headline Mueller six cases image.png


As corrupt as Washington, D.C.?

Or worse?

Judge Amy Berman Jackson sentences Roger Stone tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Berman court calendar image.png


Who is Roger Stone?

He is a political consultant who helped Donald J. Trump win the Presidency.


Roger Stone named Fiona Hill as George Soros’ mole in the White House over two years ago.


Stone is anticipating nine years in jail.

Stone was found guilty of:

  • six counts of lying
  • one count of witness tampering

Who did he lie to?

The FBI?


With unknown people working for:

  • Julian Assange
  • Wikileaks
  • the Trump Campaign for President

Who was the witness Roger Stone tampered with?

Who knows?

The jury never said who it was.

Stone was found guilty anyway.

Imaged is the official jury verdict:

Stone guilty form count one image.pngStone counts one to three image.pngStone counts four five top of six image.pngStone last count seven dated image.png

Here are some of Judge Berman Jackson’s options tomorrow morning:

  • reverse the jury verdict or parts of it
  • sentence Stone to up to nine years
  • continue the case
  • do nothing
  • do whatever she wants

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