• December 8, 2023

HUGE: GOP Donor Confidante Goes Public — Accuses Karl Rove as Man Behind Disgusting Hit Piece on Missouri Senate Candidate Eric Greitens

 HUGE: GOP Donor Confidante Goes Public — Accuses Karl Rove as Man Behind Disgusting Hit Piece on Missouri Senate Candidate Eric Greitens

The ex-wife of Eric Greitens accused the former Missouri Governor of abuse during their nine-year marriage. Eric Greitens is currently fighting for full custody of their two children.

Eric Greitens responded to these disgusting accusations of physical abuse and coercive behavior completely fabricated and baseless.

The former Missouri governor is running for US Senate and is currently leading the race.  Of course, the RINOs in Missouri are solidly against him.

Sheena Greitens decided to drop the allegations this week with the GOP primary approaching on August 2nd.

Sheena thought it would be a good time to accuse her former husband of abuse right before his political comeback. Nothing fishy here!

Greitens told The Washington Times, “I am seeking full custody of my sons, and for their sake, I will continue to pray for their mother and hope that she gets the help that she needs.”

Eric Greitens also told The Gateway Pundit earlier this week that his ex-wife signed a custody agreement months ago following their divorce. She did not mention any abuse from her former husband in the signed documents during the battle for custody of their two sons.  The two boys spend the majority of their time with their father today. So why would she push these allegations today?

We now have more information on who was behind this latest attack on Eric Greitens.

According to a new report at Breibart.com, Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove had prior knowledge of this hit piece against Eric Greitens.

This is explosive information.

Via Breitbart.com.

GOP establishment consultant Karl Rove had prior knowledge of contents of a now-public filing that Sheena Greitens, the ex-wife of former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens, filed in a dispute over the parenting structure for their two boys, a top confidante of GOP mega-donors told Breitbart News exclusively. Rove, in response, issued a statement to Breitbart News denying the donor confidante’s account of events.

In addition, a top ally of Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell employs Sheena Greitens’s sister at three different political consulting firms…

…Not only did Rove have prior knowledge of the forthcoming accusations, the donor confidante said, but he offered that if the confidante would travel to Texas, Rove could set it up so the confidante could hear directly from her.

The confidante, Steve Hantler, confirmed the account on the record to Breitbart News when asked about it on Tuesday. Hantler is a well-known figure behind the scenes in the GOP donor

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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