• September 29, 2023

Hunter’s Lawyers Threatened to Put Joe Biden on the Stand

 Hunter’s Lawyers Threatened to Put Joe Biden on the Stand

Hunter Biden’s lawyer Chris Clark threatened to put Joe Biden, AKA, “The Big Guy,” AKA, “Robert L. Peters,” on the stand, according to a 32-page letter reviewed by Politico.

The letter, penned in October 2022, issued a warning: Joe Biden could be called to the witness stand if the feds charge Hunter.

Politico reported:

It was Halloween of 2022, and Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Chris Clark, didn’t sound happy. Just three weeks earlier, news had leaked that federal agents believed they had enough evidence to charge his client with illegally buying a gun as a drug user.

The leak was “illegal,” the lawyer wrote to the U.S. attorney overseeing the probe. The prosecution, he argued, would be seen as purely political, and it might even violate the Second Amendment.

Then he issued a warning: If the Justice Department charged the president’s son, his lawyers would put the president on the witness stand.

“President Biden now unquestionably would be a fact witness for the defense in any criminal trial,” Clark wrote in a 32-page letter reviewed by POLITICO.

That letter, along with more than 300 pages of previously unreported emails and documents exchanged between Hunter Biden’s legal team and prosecutors, sheds new light on the fraught negotiations that nearly produced a broad plea deal. That deal would have resolved Biden’s most pressing legal issues — the gun purchase and his failure to pay taxes for several years — and it also could have helped insulate Biden from future prosecution by a Republican-led Justice Department.

Late last month Hunter Biden arrived at court in Delaware to agree to a sweetheart deal by the Biden Department of Justice on his years of criminal drug use, trafficking prostitutes, and multi-million dollar pay-for-play and bribery schemes with foreign officials from China, Ukraine, Romania, etc.

Hunter was only charged with two misdemeanors related to tax fraud and he will avoid prison time on the gun charge.

The sweetheart deal fell apart after the judge rejected the prosecutors’ request for Hunter Biden to receive immunity from future charges.

Federal prosecutors recently said that Hunter Biden’s plea negotiations are at an impasse and asserted the case is headed for a trial in a court filing.

Prosecutors said the venue for Hunter Biden’s tax-related charges lies either in California or DC,

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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