• April 20, 2024

I see Patriots!

 I see Patriots!

Frank D. Lovell American Patriot Free State of Florida

I see Patriots!


Frank D. Lovell
American Patriot
Free State of Florida

I see two aspects in our society’s future, those that are shocked & those that are mad. The shocked are those who believe ‘nothing like that could happen in America,’ ignored their environment, & never stood up to protect it. Then we have those who knew what was happening, history revealed the collapse of empires. They know the things that happened in those empires were happening in America, they see the destructive path of the American Way of Life.


While those who are in shock over their loss of liberties, control of their finances, or the amounts of taxes they pay to support a State govt that takes $ from working people & gives it to those not working. We are mad because you didn’t have the common sense to stand up & stop what was happening & now, we must endure the horrors of State govt control because of your inattention to the life around you.


Of course, we’re mad but it’s preventable.


If you don’t vote Republican in future elections, local, county, state, federal, all of them, we will lose this country. If the Majority of Americans vote Republican, Americans will prosper in their overall well-being. We need to Wake Up, to be aware of our environment, & to act rationally. We all need to contact in some manner those we know who just don’t get it, ask them how they feel about the path America is on, present them with facts concerning govt, etc. & allow them to Think. Tell them you are= trying to understand how some people feel America is ok while you feel it is in trouble.


This election is quite simple with one question. When was your life better now or in the Trump years? That’s all you must consider, base your decision on factual history not assumptions, follow your logic not emotions. Don’t vote for a person, vote for govt policies. This isn’t about who you like, it’s about what policies you like. I could go on forever about govt policies but try to keep it simple, think about your cost of living & the millions of people who have crossed our borders illegally. That alone should be enough for you to make a logical voting decision.


Are you aware for the first time in American history the new generation will not do better than the generation before them? Every generation has always prospered more than their parents’ generation, the facts seem to indicate that will not happen in today’s America * the reason is govt policy.


For those who feel your vote doesn’t count & have given up on the system, it only doesn’t count if you don’t vote, not voting makes room for an illegal vote. I firmly believe in voting early, contact your local Supervisor of Elections, register to vote & for a mail-in ballot, vote & mail it. Later you can go online & check that your ballot was received, you have completed your duty as an American & your voice has been heard. If we all do that America will prosper. We can no longer play ‘catch up’ on voting day, we must take the lead & maintain it to the last vote is counted.

I see American Patriots standing up this year, I see a bright future for America.


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