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Illinois’ 01 Not So Black Panther, Silent On Biden’s Statement

 Illinois’ 01 Not So Black Panther, Silent On Biden’s Statement



MAY 22, 202


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Illinois‘ 01 Not So Black Panther, Silent On Biden’s Statement


Chicago————– When Democrat nominee Joe Biden uttered this statement during a radio interview recently “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” me and other Blacks in Chicago’s heavily Black congressional districts waited to see what the response would be from our elected officials. And, as those of us whom the statement was directed (Trump supporters/voters) knew, nothing was said to condemn the underlying slight of “ how-dare-you-ism” as a reminder to Blacks, who for decades were the Dems “safety net” voting bloc. It also reminded me of the words of President L.B. Johnson when he said: “I’ll have those Niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years!” Yes, I kept the “N” word there because that was a direct quote; Johnson’s words, not mine! Dems truly believe that Black’s only role during election time is to vote blindly for them; anything else would be viewed as an anti-loyalist or as they put it racist! Have Black Dems not noticed the recent statements and/or gestures made by their own party’s presidential hopefuls of the recent past? For example: Deplorable; carrying hot sauce in purses; speaking with a Southern drawl when addressing an all Black congregation? “I don’t feel no-ways tired….” etc. No, silence, because for them, (Black Dems) that’s business as usual or perhaps they have become so indoctrinated to the overtures, that they hardly if ever, realize the put downs and racist remarks when it’s right in their faces.


But what probably disappoints me the most, notwithstanding the obvious, is the silence from the once proudly proclaimed “Black Panther” of the bunch, You know, “lifer politician” and the most vocal of the Trump Derangement Syndrome congressional incumbents, Bobby Rush. He’s quick to comment on statements from the Fake News media that puts out unsubstantiated “facts” only to have them retracted, or be proven wrong and foolish later. He even proudly flaunted his H.R. 666(6) Bill disguised as a health safety tracing program. But wouldn’t a former (or as he’ll have it) member of the Black Panther organization find what Biden said reprehensible if not totally a slap-in-the-face of the very people the Panthers were organized to uplift? The complacency of incumbent Rush is a constant liability for the voters of the 1st Congressional District, which he has occupied for over 27 years with little to show for it but excuses, mismanagement and absenteeism.


I for one, will not hold my breath waiting for the incumbent in IL01 to do what he knows is the right thing to do, and that is to MAN UP to Biden and show him what BLACK truly looks like. It’s way past time for Rush to turn in his Black Panther cape, step aside and allow someone who will not only stand up to injustice, but will stand up for and with the constituents that need and deserve real representation! This is exactly why I’m prepared to defeat him on November 3, 2020

and give the voters of IL01 what they need; A New Choice ~ A Better Way!

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