• September 24, 2021

Immigrants will save California and the rest of the Country!

 Immigrants will save California and the rest of the Country!

MIKE CARGILE A Family Man -Veteran- A Choice in the Right Direction

by Mike Cargile

The response to Covid-19 is clearly breaking down according to political ideologies, and in so doing, unmasks its true nature and intent. It was never about a virus. One side wants to stay sheltered and depend on the government to save them. The other wants to be self-sufficient and throw off the yoke of government control. The solution to this lies squarely in the hands of our magnificent immigrant population. Did you come to the United States to make a better life for yourself and your family, maybe even send some money home to your relatives? Or did you come here to stand in line for hours at a food bank and wait on a token government handout?


Mike Cargile



  1. From now until November, we are in a fight for our very existence. I’m willing to take point, but I need to know you’ve got my back. If you can support the effort, I’d sure appreciate it. Text: Cargile2020 to 225-25 and become a crucial part of it.


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