• February 5, 2023

Important Voter Resources

 Important Voter Resources


Important Voter Resources


By  NYGuy13

While the country prepares for the November midterm elections, Conservative voters must make sure they are registered, informed and prepared to take action. This election is too important to sit out. America is counting on us! Here’s some handy links to assist you.


The first step is to register to vote or if you moved make sure your registration information is current.  42 states allow online registration but be sure to check your state’s deadline. The website below contains a treasure trove of links to accomplish this:


Click here for Links and Information to register to vote or update your current registration for all 50 states


If you are disabled, infirmed, or will be unable to vote due to being out of town this tool can be used to find out how to request an absentee ballot in your state:


Click here for info on how to request an absentee ballot


We all remember the videos from 2020 of poll workers in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Detroit not allowing observers to view the count and other shenanigans. To preserve the integrity of our elections we need patriotic Americans to work at the polls. Here’s a link on how to begin the process to become a poll worker:


Click here to learn how to apply to be a poll worker


While leftist talking points say there is no voter fraud. There is actually a mountain of evidence to the contrary. Here’s a database of voter fraud cases:


Click here for the Heritage Foundation’s Voter Fraud Database


What do you do if you witness voter fraud? This article gives in depth instructions on what to do and includes phone numbers of the Board of Elections in all 50 states:

Click here to learn how to report voter fraud


You can also use the link below and an organization called The America Project will assist you in reporting the fraud:


Click here to fill out a voter fraud report


You can also contact True the Vote of 2000 Mules fame to report any violations:


Contact True the Vote Here


Make sure you are voting for America First candidates. The site below contains a list of candidates endorsed by former President Trump:


Click here for a list of candidates endorsed by President Trump


Remember folks an educated voter is a great asset to our nation and is vital to saving our country. See you at the polls!

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