• June 24, 2024

Incredibly disrespectful behavior

 Incredibly disrespectful behavior
URGENT: Mark Kelly’s spokesman calls law enforcement “worthless f-ing pigs”

Will you join me in standing with our men and women in law enforcement?




Do you need any more proof that Democrats will defund the police if they capture our Senate Majority? The far left has nothing but disdain for our law enforcement — just look at the disgusting comments made by my opponent’s spokesman. This deserves a strong response!

It’s time to make our voices heard. I will NEVER vote to deprive our men and women in blue of the resources they need to safely serve and protect our communities.

I’m proud to stand with law enforcement. Are you, Stephen? Add your name >>> 

Mark Kelly tries to convince Arizonans that he is a moderate choice, but he continually surrounds himself with left-wing, out-of-touch Democrats who do NOT represent our state.

Don’t let this disrespectful attack go unanswered. We need to send a LOUD message! Show Americans you stand with our men and women in uniform. Add your name before midnight tonight.

In Service,

Martha McSally

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