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India: Muslima throws acid on her Hindu ex-boyfriend

 India: Muslima throws acid on her Hindu ex-boyfriend


India: Muslima throws acid on her Hindu ex-boyfriend, also accused of trying to force him to convert to Islam

The Qur’an forbids Muslim women to marry “idolaters”: “Do not marry idolatresses until they believe, for indeed, a believing slave woman is better than an idolatress, even though she pleases you. And do not give your daughters in marriage to idolaters until they believe, for indeed, a believing slave is better than an idolater, even though he pleases you. These people invite you to the fire, and Allah invites you to the garden, and to forgiveness by his grace, and explains his signs to mankind so that perhaps they will remember.” (Qur’an 2:221)

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“‘Why don’t you have relationship with me’: Mehzabin Mohsin throws acid on her 51-year-old ex-boyfriend Rakesh in Ahmedabad, also accused of forcing him to convert to Islam,” by Rajyaguru Bhargav, OpIndia, January 28, 2024:

An incident of acid attack came to light from Ahmedabad where a woman named Mehzabin Mohsin along with her friend threw acid on a Hindu man named Rakesh Brahmbhatt who is reportedly her ex-boyfriend. Based on the victim’s complaint, the police registered a case under Sections 326(A), 333, and 114 of the IPC at Kalupur Police Station. A copy of the FIR is available with OpIndia. The victim also alleged that Mehzabin was forcing him to convert to Islam.

As per reports, the accused Mehzabin Mohsin threw acid on her ex-boyfriend Rakesh in Ahmedabad. The 38-year-old girl, along with her friend, threw acid on the victim saying, “Why don’t you have a relationship with me?”

The victim suffered serious burn injuries in the acid attack and has been hospitalised. Following the attack, Kalupur police registered an FIR and are investigating the case.

Notably, Rakesh Brahmbhatt (51 years of age) lives in the Bapunagar area of Ahmedabad. He is currently a controller in AMTS and has been working there for 26 years. Five years ago when he was working as a bus conductor, he fell in love with Mehzabin who hails from the Anjum Park near Ayesha Masjid in Juhapura. Both were reportedly in love for around four years. But a year ago, Rakesh’s family members including his wife came to know about their love affair. Afterwards, Rakesh broke his relationship with Mehzabin.

Upset over the development, Mehzabin carried out an acid attack on Rakesh last evening (27th January) at around 8 pm. At that time, Rakesh was on duty at Amdavad Municipal Transport Service Control Cabin 7 near Kalupur railway station in Ahmedabad. During the attack, she came to that place with one of her friends named Mit Sharma, as per media reports. She had a plastic bucket in her hand. She asked Rakesh, “Why don’t you have a relationship with me?” She then threw a bucket full of acid on him.

Rakesh suffered burn injuries on his right eye, back, and private parts and was rushed to GCS Hospital for treatment by people who had gathered there. Following the incident, the accused fled the scene and Kalupur police are in search of Mehzabin and her friend….

He also said that Mehzabin had tried to break the engagement of his daughter. He along with his family had filed a complaint against her. He also added that Mehzabin was also forcing him to convert to Islam.

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