• April 14, 2024

Inner workings of Socialism, the economic side.

 Inner workings of Socialism, the economic side.

The foundation of socialism, the two pillars is rests on are the laziness and jealousy.

Through out the history, every time Socialism was promoted it played on those two feelings.

Laziness – you don’t have to work hard to achieve anything, Socialism will give you things for free.

Jealousy – the other person has more stuff than you, Socialism will take the stuff from that person and give it to you.

This is how every single time people get brainwashed with socialist ideas. It plays to their basic feelings and instincts. What is happening in our country right now is no different from any other times Socialism was sold as an idea. Our democratic nominees are using the most basic instincts to gain votes and promote socialist ideas.

The reason it is working is because our children have been brain washed in schools for generations. They were taught that they are entitled to things, that they don’t have to work hard to achieve anything and that they should hate anyone who has achieved more than they did financially or otherwise.

Decades ago, our children were taught that if they work hard, if they are dedicated and focused – they can achieve anything. And then liberal cancer spread throughout our school system, amplified tenfold by Obama’s policies and curriculums.

Dear reader I am going to explain to you, from personal experience how Socialism gets established and operates.

First, any and all property must be taken away from people, regardless of their status in society. If you are a farmer and have 10 cows, they will be taken If you just have one cow so you can have some fresh milk, it will also be taken. The definition of private ownership is completely eliminated. Everything belongs to the government under the pretense that the government needs it to pay for the free stuff it is giving you.

If you don’t agree you will be either killed or sent to re-education camps, courtesy of Bernie Sanders. To give you a vague idea – they are not much different from nazi concentration camps and if your re-education process doesn’t go according to government plan you simply get shot in the head.

Definition, and most importantly the drive, to build a career is diminished because no matter what you do or how good you are, the reward is “good job, you are doing it for the country, and your people”.

You can forget about your little coffee shop on the corner or a deli, or a kitchen cabinet shop. You will still be forced to work there, but you will be paid and absolute bare minimum just to get by. You and everyone else. You will only see the food in the store if and when the government decided to put it there, and you only get to eat what the government tells you to. But hey, you get free healthcare and education.

After a while Socialism creates and overwhelming feeling of hopelessness. Once hopelessness spreads in everyone’s mind.

That in turn creates breeding grounds for corruption and extortion. If someone has a position with any kind of deciding power – they will take bribes to execute that power. People, will strive to be in government because it’s the only way to advance in life. And the path to power in Socialism is paved with dead bodies, betrayal and grief.

Dear reader, this article was written not to scare you but to give you and objective understanding of how socialism operates based on personal experience.

I implore you to ask yourself a question: Do you really want to live like that?

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