• February 21, 2024

Insane! Biden Threatens Gov. Abbott with Military Action

 Insane! Biden Threatens Gov. Abbott with Military Action


The Texas Governor says he is “prepared” for a conflict with federal authorities: “This is a fight for the future of America”

BuildBackBetter Biden is threatening military action against Texas. This is insane. The military should be on the border to stop illegal immigration of unvetted people. They are coming through open borders controlled by the most evil people on earth – cartels.

If Biden tried to federalize the National Guard, he would continue doing what he has done. He said he will have the National Guard from other states.

Illegal immigration surely means a lot to the Build Back Better Democrats. They appear to want a Civil War as they destroy the nation.

So far, Gov. Greg Abbott has National Guard from ten states, and more are coming. Kristi Noem said she is heading for Texas to show her support. [The Trump VP choice?]

Gov. Abbott told Tucker Carlson that he was “prepared” for potential conflict with federal authorities and that ten states had sent the National Guard to the Texas border.

Gov. Abbott is working within his constitutional rights. He is stopping an invasion as a sovereign state.

He signed a new law that will allow Texas to arrest illegal aliens. Abbott has sent eight letters to BBB Biden asking them to protect their borders, and he won’t respond.

Don’t mess with Texas!

Sen. Ted Cruz responds:

Hey Biden, this time you are the bully clown and Abbott is no Corn Pop.

No question about it, Biden is Insane!.

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