• February 21, 2024

Intelligence Round Table on Ukraine and U.S. Intelligence

 Intelligence Round Table on Ukraine and U.S. Intelligence

Ray McGovern and I discussed with Judge Napolitano the war in Ukraine and the recent declassification of alleged intelligence. Just one more example of a government out of control; in this case, it is the United States. The declassified intelligence was designed to manipulate public opinion and deceive the members of Congress. Fortunately, at least for now, House Speaker Mike Johnson and his colleagues were not bamboozled.

Here is a summary of the latest developments with respect to the war in Ukraine:

*Kiev lost approximately 4,330 military personnel and 11 tanks, including one Leopard, in various sectors over the past week, as reported by the Ministry of Defense.

*During the week, 82 Ukrainian military personnel were captured or voluntarily surrendered, according to the Defense Ministry briefing.

*Russian air defense shot down a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter within a day, intercepted a “Tochka-U” missile, two S-200 missiles, and 119 drones in the past week, as noted by the Russian military.

*On the Kherson front, all attempts by the AFU to land on islands and the left bank of the Dnepr were thwarted; the Armed Forces of Ukraine lost 17 boats, according to the Ministry of Defense.

*At 0:25 [last night], Ukrainian Armed Forces launched three long-range missiles towards Mariupol, as stated by the Donetsk People’s Republic.

*An unnamed [as stated by Lavrov] leader of a Western country has sent signals to Moscow three times in the last six months through various channels, expressing the need for a meeting on Ukraine and European security issues.

*Lavrov stated that the longer the military actions continue in Ukraine, the more challenging the conditions for initiating peace talks will become.

The last point is critical. Alastair Crooke, a British diplomat and member of Britain’s Intelligence Service, and I were together in Moscow the first week of December. Alastair nicely summarized the state of diplomatic affairs between Moscow and Washington:

U.S.-Russia relations have touched rock-bottom; it is worse even than imagined. In discourse with senior Russian officials, it is evident that the U.S. treats the former as clear enemies. To gain a flavour, it is as if a

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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