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Is America Already A Dead Country?

 Is America Already A Dead Country?

Image by Andrea Widburg using AI and public domain pictures.


If you had made a list of all the actions a “president” could take to destroy the United States of America, it would include almost everything Joe Biden has done since moving into the White House. Biden’s “success” in wrecking this country is helped by a Republican party filled with too many RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) and not enough America First Patriots.

Our republic’s Founding Fathers, all men of strong Christian faith who believed in Judeo-Christian values and limited government, would be aghast to see what has become of our country.

Many political observers think 2024 is our last opportunity to save the republic. Bernie Marcus, Home Depot co-founder and a staunch Donald Trump supporter, said on Larry Kudlow’s Fox News Business program:

But the truth of the matter is that if we don’t change the government in this next ‘24 election, this country is dead. I’ve never said that before. I don’t see any way out.

Will Donald Trump stop the Democrat party from spreading its socialist tentacles, or is America already like Dr. Malcolm Crowe?

Image by Andrea Widburg using AI and public domain pictures.

In the 1999 film The Sixth Sense, child psychologist Malcolm Crowe, played by Bruce Willis, is seriously injured after he and his wife (Olivia Williams) arrive home late in the evening. Several hours earlier, he had proudly received a prestigious award, but an ex-patient lurked in the darkness of their upscale Philadelphia house, waiting to viciously attack and shoot his former doctor. [Spoiler alert for the rare souls who haven’t seen the movie.]

Following the assault, Malcolm goes back to his practice. He begins working closely with Cole Sear (Haley Joel Osment), a young boy with mental health issues. Cole’s mother, Lynn (Toni Collette), is beside herself trying to help her young son and believes Malcolm is the boy’s only hope. However, the treatment requires much time, which means his homelife suffers.

Finally, the boy confides why he is so distressed. With that confession he starts to improve, and Malcolm knows he urgently must salvage his marriage.

But helping the child took a huge toll on Malcolm’s marriage. One night, he walks into his home to find his beloved wife asleep in the living room, where she had been watching their joyous wedding video. As the tape highlights the happy occasion, her hand slips open, and Malcolm’s wedding ring falls to the floor.

Puzzled, Malcolm looks at his hand. Why isn’t his wedding ring on his hand?

Suddenly, Dr. Malcolm Crowe realizes the answer…

He is already dead, but just didn’t know it!

That realization consistently led to a loud, collective gasp in theaters.

As it turned out, when Cole whispered to the doctor, “I see dead people,” he was also trying to help Malcolm even more than Malcolm was trying to help him.

Could the United States of America be Malcolm Crowe, murdered by a fraudulent 2020 election? Or will Donald Trump in November 2024 make it a “Normandy”-like election that saves our constitutional republic?

Pundits and historians share that the average lifespan of an empire is 250 years. America celebrated her 247th birthday in July.

In 1999, Alan Wolfe, currently a Boston University political scientist, authored “One Nation, After All”. After hundreds of interviews with Americans across the country, he concluded that the division at the turn of the last century was not strong enough to tear our nation apart.

However, today, Wolfe feels very differently. In July 2023, Wolfe said:

I really feel like we are becoming two different countries, if not that it has already happened. I don’t like it, but I don’t see what we have in common anymore. I really don’t.

The Democrat party’s open southern border has allowed millions of able-bodied, unvetted young men into the United States. Is a terrorist attack coming? The porous border was the number one issue for New Hampshire primary voters—and New Hampshire is quite a distance from the southern border. It was also top of mind for Iowa’s voters, another state far from Mexico.

Let’s assume 7 million unvetted illegal alien invaders have waltzed into our country since January 2021. If just one-quarter of 1 percent have malicious intent to do us harm, that would be 17,500 people, all of whom are scattered across the United States, with many receiving free housing, free medical, free education, free driver’s licenses, free iPhones and, in some cases, free ballots. It is estimated that the United States government has so far spent more than a whopping $450 billion on these illegal invaders.

Think what ONE person can do when they go on a murderous rampage at a school, shopping mall, or Las Vegas hotel, and then multiply that by the possibility of thousands of terrorists waiting to cause injury, death, and havoc from sea to shining sea.

Is everyone waiting for a terrorist attack? FBI Director Christopher Wray testified in Congress on November 15 that many on the terrorist watch list have not been tracked down:

The threats that come from the other side of the border are very much consuming all 56 of our field offices, not just in the border states.

Is the UniParty waiting for a terrorist attack?

Respected America First Patriot Dan Bongino keeps telling us with his frequent posts:

The enemy is already here.

— Dan Bongino (@dbongino) November 11, 2023


Currently, we are two distinct nations under one flag, highlighted by what is happening in Texas. Donald Trump is the President of the United Red States of America. Joe “Dementia” Biden is President of the United Blue States of America. Trump believes in capitalism, the free market, and the Constitution, while Biden and his puppeteers promote socialism and everything that flows from it.

This can’t continue indefinitely.

In November 2024, the party of Abraham Lincoln must take a strong majority in both Houses of Congress and gain the White House with Donald Trump. (Nikki Haley is just a stooge for the Uniparty). Otherwise, the republic that was fought for and won in 1776, 1812, and 1861 will not survive. As Gary Bauer of American Values wrote on November 1:

If progressives ever get a working majority in Congress along with the White House, we will lose our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech and virtually every right we have.

In ten months, Donald Trump gives us a final chance to save the United States of America from tyranny…unless the country is already like Dr. Malcolm Crowe.

Robin M. Itzler is a regular contributor to American Thinker. She can be reached at [email protected].

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