• May 19, 2024

Is Trump Taming China?

 Is Trump Taming China?

Gen Z is an Contributor for Conservative Choice Campaign.com

Trump is doing his best to tame the Chinese trade dragon. Yes, I am usually a supporter of free trade. It leads to wealth and prosperity. But, trade with China isn’t really free.

They have tariffs on American products, steal intellectual property from American companies, and place those companies at a heavy disadvantage in Chinese markets. Trump is trying to fix that so that trade with China can really be free. I hope he succeeds!

Unfortunately, the Democrats aren’t excited about Trump taming China. In fact, they seem to directly contradict him on most everything. They love political power, not America. So, the Chinese are hoping a Democrat wins in 2020. They think they’ll get an easier deal that way.

We can’t let that happen! That is a foreign government hoping one party will be nicer to them than another. And the American people still support the people and candidates that our enemies do! That is astounding and ridiculous.

The simple fact is that the Communist Party of China is a horrible, authoritarian regime that engages in evil activities around the world. It is engaging in industrial espionage around the world, which is the theft of intellectual property from mainly Western and American-allied nations. China is responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands of people and killed the economy. And it has imprisoned millions in concentration camps. We need more of Trump taming China to stop it from engaging in further evils.

So, America needs a president that is willing to stand up to China. Joe Biden is not that guy; his relationship with China shows that he would bow to its every demand. The examples we’ve seen over the past few years of Trump taming China, on the other hand, show that he is a president that we can trust to defend our interests against the Red Chinese.

In conclusion, while I usually don’t support tariffs, I do in this case because they are just Trump taming China. We have to help him win in 2020 so that the Trump economy keeps booming and people who can’t be trusted, like Joe Biden, stay out of office. And we need to start looking at other ways to fight back against China. Military spending, funding of the militaries of nations like Taiwan and Japan, and other programs that would constrain China all need to be considered because we need to start fighting against China in every way possible.

If Trump stays in office, then things will be great for America. The trade war with China will conclude with a deal and the economy will keep on booming. If a Democrat wins, however, then there will be no one to tame China. American prosperity will quickly fade. We can’t let that happen. Keep America great by re-electing Donald Trump!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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