• May 23, 2024

ISIS in Europe Threatens Attacks on Sports Stadiums in France, Spain, and the UK

 ISIS in Europe Threatens Attacks on Sports Stadiums in France, Spain, and the UK



ISIS has been threatening attacks on sports venues all over Europe. One of them is directed at the Parc des Princes stadium used by the soccer club Paris Saint Germain, a site that ISIS hit before, in 2015. And in a widening gyre of threats, ISIS has called on its followers in Europe to attack host venues for soccer matches with bombs and drones, apparently causing the most alarm in Spain and the UK. More on the ISIS threats can be found here: “Security beefed up around PSG-Barcelona soccer match after Islamic State threat,” ReutersApril 10, 2024:

French police are tightening security around Paris Saint-Germain’s (PSG) Parc des Princes stadium on Wednesday following a threat of attacks by Islamic State that adds to security worries ahead of the upcoming summer Olympics.

PSG play Barcelona later in a Champions League soccer quarterfinal to be viewed by millions around the world.

Spain and Britain also doubled down this week around their respective Champions League quarter-finals on Tuesday and Wednesday after the resurgent Islamic State terror group urged attacks against host venues, including with drones….

Islamic State has urged followers to recreate a November 2015 attack on the Stade de France stadium, featuring an image of the Parc des Princes stadium, according to Site Intelligence group, which tracks Islamic terrorist postings.

Another image seen by Site Intelligence urged terrorists to use drones to attack the stadiums.

Spain said it had deployed more than 2,000 officers to boost security in Madrid for the games there….

The European countries that are most threatened by ISIS right now are France, Spain, and the UK, each of which is hosting a quarter-final soccer match in the Champion League. It is worth noting that President Macron of France just issued a joint call, with King Abdullah of Jordan and President El-Sisi of Egypt, for an “immediate and permanent ceasefire” in Gaza as a way to further pressure Israel. That call, if heeded, would leave Hamas still standing, with four intact battalions in Rafah, and allow it to claim a “victory” over Israel. Apparently Macron’s distancing himself from Israel has not won him any reprieve from ISIS, which remains determined to cause murder and mayhem in all the lands of the Infidels, including those whose governments are most favorable to the Cause of Palestine.

Spain, too, feels itself seriously threatened by ISIS, and the government has called up 2,000 extra troops to protect Madrid’s main stadium. Yet Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish Premier, has gone farther than any European leader in supporting the Palestinians. That hasn’t made Spain any less of a target for ISIS. Sanchez has decried what he calls Israel’s “absolutely disproportionate response” that, he says, had “overturned decades of humanitarian law and threatened to destabilise the Middle East and, as a consequence, the whole world.” He has for months been urging fellow members of the EU to join Spain in recognizing a “State of Palestine.” Spain may decide to go it alone, and that recognition could come at any minute. Yet none of this — a complete capitulation to the Muslim Arabs — has bought Spain any respite from the threats of mass death events that ISIS, which is Hamas on steroids, is urging its followers to carry out.

Finally, there is the UK, whose sports events — especially the venue for the soccer semifinals — has also been threatened by ISIS. It hasn’t made a difference to the fanatical Muslims that Foreign Secretary David Cameron has been distancing himself from Israel, urging Jerusalem to agree to an “immediate cessation of fighting” in Gaza, and warning of “potentially devastating consequences” if Israel goes ahead with a planned ground assault on the southern city of Rafah. Cameron, who has a cold heart when it comes to the Jewish state, now calls for Israel to halt its campaign before dismantling the four intact Hamas battalions in Rafah, which would leave Hamas able to present itself as the true “victor” in the Gaza War because it managed to survive a six-month assault by Israel.

What this means is that no matter how much European countries may take the side of the Palestinians, whether calling for a “durable” or “permanent” ceasefire in Gaza (as President Macron has done) or for “an immediate cessation of fighting” (as British Foreign Secretary Cameron has called for) or insisting on immediate recognition by the EU countries of a State of Palestine (as Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez has urged) will make them immune to attacks by ISIS. ISIS doesn’t care just about “Palestine.” It will continue to murder Infidels — “the most vile of created beings” — wherever and whenever it can, no matter how anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian those Infidels show themselves to be, for ISIS’ sights are set on creating a world where Islam everywhere dominates, and Muslims rule, everywhere.

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