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Islamists Celebrate, Spin Taliban’s Return to Power Featured Stories

 Islamists Celebrate, Spin Taliban’s Return to Power Featured Stories


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 Featured Stories

CAIR Lectures Media About Accurately Quoting Jihadists

by Steven Emerson  •  August 19, 2021  •  IPT News Facebook Twitter

Monday, Taliban spokesman Mohammad Naeem said after Kabul fell, was “a great day for the Afghan people and the mujahideen. They have witnessed the fruits of their efforts and their sacrifices for 20 years. Thanks to God, the war is over in the country.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is going to have to give this Naeem guy a good talking-to.

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Afghanistan’s Fall “is a Message for U.S. Allies”

by Yaakov Lappin  •  August 18, 2021  •  IPT News Facebook Twitter

As the scenes of Afghanistan’s fall to the Taliban continue to unfold following the U.S.’s decision to withdraw its 2,500 remaining troops and the ensuing disintegration of the Afghan National Army, the aftershocks from the development continue to ripple throughout south and central Asia and the Middle East.

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Jihadists Rejoice Over Taliban’s Afghanistan Victory

by Hany Ghoraba  •  August 17, 2021  •  IPT News Facebook Twitter

As the world fears a human rights crisis in Afghanistan, Islamists are celebrating and congratulating the return to power of a group that ruthlessly enforces Islamic law.

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Russia Signals Displeasure Over Israel’s Campaign Against Iranian Axis in Syria

by Yaakov Lappin  •  August 16, 2021  •  IPT News Facebook Twitter

While Israel has been clear about its determination to prevent Iranian military entrenchment in Syria, as well as the trafficking of precision guided missiles (PGMs) to Lebanon through Syria, the Islamic Republic has shown
equal determination pursuing its dangerous objectives in
the war-torn country.

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First Ship of Iranian Oil to Head to Lebanon in Next Few Hours

August 19, 2021  •  The Jerusalem Post Facebook Twitter

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah announced on Thursday morning that a ship carrying Iranian oil will head to Lebanon within a matter of hours, following on a promise he made earlier this week to begin importing Iranian oil to ease a national Lebanese shortage.

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CUNY and the Warfare of Academic Antisemitism

August 19, 2021  •  The Algemeiner Facebook Twitter

5446When the City University of New York (CUNY) faculty union — the Professional Staff Congress (PSC) — passed its June 10 resolution, so-called, “in support of the Palestinian people,” it was the most prominent New York expression of a hate campaign against Israel that is sweeping the world of American education.

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Iran Accelerates Enrichment of Uranium to Near Weapons-Grade, IAEA Says

August 18, 2021  •  Reuters Facebook Twitter

Iran has accelerated its enrichment of uranium to near weapons-grade, the U.N. atomic watchdog said in a report on Tuesday seen by Reuters, a move raising tensions with the West as both sides seek to resume talks on reviving Tehran’s nuclear deal.

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Biden State Dept Moved to Abolish Crisis Response Bureau Months Before Taliban Takeover Afghanistan

August 18, 2021  •  Washington Free Beacon Facebook Twitter

The Biden State Department moved in June to cancel a program overseeing the protection and evacuation of American citizens stationed overseas in the case of an emergency, just as the Taliban was taking over Afghanistan,
according to an internal State Department memo obtained
by the Washington Free Beacon and multiple sources
familiar with the matter.

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