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Israel Health Ministry fails to produce scientific evidence supporting masks when challenged

 Israel Health Ministry fails to produce scientific evidence supporting masks when challenged

Posted by Yudi Sherman–  Apr 04, 2022

During a Knesset Health Committee hearing last week, Israel’s Health Ministry was unable to produce scientific evidence in favor of mask mandates as Attorney Oren Pasternak made a compelling case for abolishing masks, particularly for children, citing scientific evidence.

The hearing was chaired by MK Elina Bardach Yalov and Health Ministry official Ilana Gans, among others.

Pasternak began by saying that two years ago there was consensus among all medical experts and authorities in Israel and around the globe that masks are ineffective.

“[They said] there is no need for masks because there is no real research – RCT research…finding that masks work in preventing infections when used by the general population,” said Pasternak.

Pasternak was referring to the randomized controlled trial (RCT) method, which is a standard experimental method used in studying the effects of drugs.

“Then they recanted and said that masks are necessary but they did not present any epidemiological evidence or quality research to explain why masks are needed,” Pasternak continued.

“Now when the public is going eight hours in the same mask it even causes harm – in other words, not only does it not provide any benefit, but it is detrimental. On the one hand, they are ineffective, as per the research I will present shortly, and on the other, there is the concern that mask use is harmful.”

At this point, Pasternak was interrupted by Gans saying that nobody is telling the public to wear a mask for eight hours.

Pasternak interrupted her in turn and said, “My children are sitting in a classroom for six to eight hours. Yes, there are short breaks, but I think it’s heartbreaking to do this when it is likely harmful to children.”

The attorney then cited two scientific studies – one from Bangladesh which shows that masks provide an 11% infection decrease for older people and no impact on younger people, and one from Denmark which shows that masks have no effect on infections at all.

He then challenged the Health Ministry by saying that while these were quality RCT studies, the Health Ministry has only ever been able to produce a low-quality study from the CDC.

“If the Ministry of Health had [real research] to present, it would have done so. But it hasn’t because there is none,” said Pasternak. “There is not one single piece of actual evidence in the entire world,” he added.

When he was interrupted by Bardach Yalov to say he was running out of time, Pasternak responded, “We’ve been dealing with masks for two years, I think it’s worth eight minutes to discuss it.”

He then presented other research showing that children get no benefit whatsoever from masks.

“It’s a joke, it’s a farce,” he said of the Health Ministry’s mask edict. “Masks do nothing.”

“Children are sitting all day in masks,” he continued. “If a child moves his mask for one second he gets disciplined.”

When Bardach Yalov gave the floor to Gans for rebuttal, the Health Ministry official simply said that masks work because the “experts” say so.

“Scientists in the health world who write medical reviews and all the experts that advise the Health Ministry in committees – let’s give them credit for believing in evidence-based medicine and that masks prevent pathogens that enter through breathing…it’s recognized, it’s proven and it’s well-known on a scientific basis for decades –”

“Can you produce one piece of evidence for us? One? Because I haven’t found one,” cut in Pasternak.

Gans stuttered as she said, “We’re not having a scientific discussion right now –”

Pasternak then began to ask why the Health Ministry is coercing Israeli citizens to wear masks if it has no real scientific basis for doing so. Gans only responded that there is research.

“All medical decisions are based on exact data and all medical professionals in the world rely on evidence-based medicine…there is a lot of scientific research and you don’t need to teach us basic science and medical science.”

“So present [the data],” challenged Pasternak again.

But Gans sat back and fell silent.

Last month, Israel extended its indoor mask mandate for another month until May 1st.

Documents released in December under Israel’s freedom of information act revealed that Israel’s Health Ministry imposed mask mandates to send an “educational” message to increase COVID compliance, knowing masks had “no strong scientific basis” before forcing them upon their populace on the pain of fines and police brutality.

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