• April 20, 2024

Israelis have ‘more or less accepted’ a six-week ceasefire deal: Administration

 Israelis have ‘more or less accepted’ a six-week ceasefire deal: Administration


By Misty Severi

Senior administration officials announced a framework deal for a six-week ceasefire between Israel and Hamas. Talks with Hamas are still underway.

The deal would be a six-week ceasefire that could begin immediately if Hamas agrees, which they have yet to do. A senior official said that discussions are ongoing in Doha, Qatar, today, and the goal is to bring “immediate relief” to people in Gaza. He added that they are working to reach a deal before Ramadan, which begins on March 10. A requirement of the deal is the exchange of prisoners who are sick, wounded, elderly, and women.

“The hostages have to be released,” a senior official told reporters on a conference call. “The deal is basically there. But I don’t want to create expectations one way or the other.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu previously opposed a ceasefire, claiming it would delay Israel’s eventual “total victory” over Hamas. Netanyahu has also been apprehensive when it comes to releasing hundreds of captive Palestinian prisoners.


The ceasefire, if agreed to, would allow humanitarian assistance into Gaza to help care for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who are a step away from famine. The United States Air Force did its first airdrop on Saturday, sending roughly 38,000 meals into the war-torn country.

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