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ISRAEL’S NEW WEBSITE documenting the October 7th Hamas massacre

 ISRAEL’S NEW WEBSITE documenting the October 7th Hamas massacre


WARNING: Extremely Graphic Photos and Videos: Viewer Discretion Advised

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Israel’s New Website On Hamas Killings Has 43 Million Viewers in the First Week

By: Hugh Fitzgerald, January 18, 2024:
For decades, the Israelis have worried about the quality, and reach, of their hasbara — the “explaining” to the world why Israel does what it does. And nothing has cried out for more ”explaining” to the world than the campaign in Gaza to uproot the Hamas terrorists.
It’s been little more than three months after the Hamas atrocities on October 7, and already, the shock has worn off for most of the world. There are pro-Palestinian marches in major cities in the Western world with protesters in London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Montreal, Toronto, New York, and Los Angeles, denouncing Israel, as if it, and not Hamas, had inflicted atrocities.
These protesters demand an immediate end to the Gaza war, which would leave Hamas still standing, chant about a Palestine “from the river to the sea,” which means the obliteration of Israel and its replacement by a twenty-third Arab state, and inveigh against Israel as a “settler colonial apartheid state.” Most recently, these marchers have described Israel as guilty of “genocide’ and called for the Jewish state to be declared guilty of “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” by the International Court of Justice (ICJ).
The Palestinians and their supporters have been all over the airwaves and on social media, depicting the Israelis as irredeemably wicked, wanton killers of “women and children.” Hamas pulls figures out of the air for wounded and killed Gazan civilians; these figures are never questioned, but immediately become part of the narrative of the Gaza War that “everyone” accepts.
For now we have the figure of at least “25,000 dead Gazans,” as counted by the Hamas-controlled Ministry of Health, but what most of the media does not tell us is that there is no way to verify those figures from Hamas, and furthermore, that least 9,000 of those killed were, according to the IDF, Hamas fighters. That means that in the Gaza War, the ratio of civilian to combatant deaths of Palestinians is 16:9, which is an historic low, one that no modern army has ever managed to achieve.
This is a testament to the extraordinary efforts the Israelis take to minimize civilian casualties. But how many people know these numbers? It’s not something that is reported in the mainstream media. Most of those who defend Israel on social media are unaware of this telling ratio. This is where Israel’s defenders need to step in, and disseminate this information widely, as a way to undermine the incessant claims from Hamas about “25,000 dead Gazans,” or worse still, the version that has been widely repeated, claiming “25,000 dead, mostly women and children.”
Now Israel has made a major effort at hasbara — setting forth exactly what happened on October 7 that made the Jewish state decide it had no choice but to destroy Hamas as a military force, which is exactly what it is now doing
Early in the war, Israel did not want to release to the public videos of the atrocities carried out by Hamas at the Re’im music festival, or — especially — the atrocities carried out in the kibbutzim. There were those with whom the Israeli government shared a 47-minute video of clips taken by Hamas operatives themselves. This limited audience consisted of heads of governments and international organizations, ministers of foreign affairs, lawmakers in the U.S., where members of the House and Senate were shown that video’s grisly evidence, and even some carefully selected journalists.
Those videos have made a deep impression on all who viewed them. But Israel held back from disseminating the videos, and the eyewitness testimony of survivors, to the broader public who, it was judged, did not have as much of a “need to know.” It then became clear that that public did indeed have a “need to know,” because too many people were falling for Hamas propaganda that these atrocities never took place or, if they did, it was the IDF itself that was responsible, intending to make Hamas look bad. At that point, the Israeli government understood it had to release the videos, even if that meant some families of the victims would be upset.
Israel now has put the soul-searing evidence of the Hamas atrocities before the world, on a dedicated website. As the IDF soldiers manfully carry on, fighting against Hamas terrorists up and down the Strip, from Gaza City to Khan Yunis and all the way to the southernmost city of Rafah, including all the places in between where the IDF has located Hamas fighters and weapons. The creators of this admirable and terrible website are now fighting back against Hamas’ propaganda, to win, or in some cases win back, the hearts and minds of those who are in danger of forgetting what happened on October 7. Israel is now engaged in a on a different battlefield, pitting its truthful hasbara against the lies of Hamas. This is what may be called, in the Gaza War, the Jewish state’s indispensable second front.

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