• June 22, 2024

It takes time to be Aware

 It takes time to be Aware

Frank D. Lovell American Patriot Free State of Florida

By Frank D. Lovell


I try to remain positive regardless of the situation however the more I learn about events in America the more difficult that becomes. I think of 1776, people wanted Liberty, others were content, & others aligned with the British, secretly, or overtly. Today, people want to ‘maintain Liberty’ while others are content, & others support the govt secretly, or overtly, not much has changed. We are a nation divided between the content & those discontented. 


The content is quite agreeable to the govt controlling their life if they have free benefits. The discontent on the other have are not concerned with benefits, they are concerned with Liberty & the progression of their American way of life.  We can only imagine the life of people in 1776, they were living through a war. Ask yourself, are we living through a war? Let’s not forget it was that discontent that created America & I suspect that discontent which I see as the American Spirit will assure the continuance of America in its quest to form a ‘more perfect union.’ As is the goal set for us by our Founders so long ago. 


The most troubling aspect concerning America is it is ‘Americans’ responsible for eroding our Liberties & well-being. This prevents me from warning you “The British are Coming.’ because they are already here. You must take the time to understand events in America, people have connected the dots, you just have to see the story & be aware of your environment. What is needed in America today is complete awareness of events. 


What would you think of a takeover of America, & what is the status of our legal system why even think that? Well because all between us & a loss of Liberty is our court system. https://youtu.be/7A1r8wBgjiw


Just what is environmental, social, & governance (ESG) industry corporations support it, with $55 trillion in assets, against fossil fuel, 2nd amend, influences voting, total control of your $, your lifestyle, justice, it’s all about governance.  https://www.theepochtimes.com/the-shadow-state-


A common response is that’s a ‘conspiracy theory.’ Keep in mind once facts are collected it’s no longer a ‘theory’ it’s a verifiable conspiracy. The only conspiracy I have discovered is the one to alter the American way of life, as I write this & as you read this it is happening throughout America. We have the facts, you just need to be aware of them.


The FBI Richmond VA office issued an internal report focusing on “radical-traditional Catholics,” while the justice dept called parents domestic terrorists. They see America as split between those who support govt & those who don’t, the radicals/terrorists, that’s us. Our Liberty has conditioned us to believe ‘not in America,’ our entire life we have been Free to conduct ourselves within a structured society. That is in the process of changing for the first time in our history America is traveling down the path to a system of govt like that of China & the part which is most difficult to understand is it is being done by ‘Americans.’ We must all decide, which Americans are we?


Yes, sometimes awareness requires a degree of our time & I’m sorry for imposing but you just need to be aware of this. And ya need to communicate with everyone, Americans need to be awake as we live through this time in history. I still have hope for that MASSIVE vote to save America & which requires us to be active in the operation of the government on local & federal levels.


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Frank D. Lovell

American Patriots

Free State of Florida

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