• July 21, 2024

It’s not racism, people just don’t like Kamala Harris

 It’s not racism, people just don’t like Kamala Harris

Liberal media figures continue to trot out the same tired argument that Republicans are attacking Vice President Kamala Harris because they are racist. In reality, Harris has been made a significant part of the campaign both purposefully and by circumstance, and she is simply wildly unlikable.

Boston Globe columnist Renee Graham has wondered, “Why are Republicans so obsessed with Kamala Harris?” while CNN noted that “Republican presidential candidates are increasingly making Vice President Kamala Harris their prime target” and “focusing on the No. 2 Democrat rather than President Joe Biden.” On CNN’s airwaves, contributor and former Biden-Harris staffer Ashley Allison decided that Republicans are focusing on Harris because they are racist sexists.


So why are Republicans “increasingly focusing” on and “so obsessed” with Harris? For starters, the White House is also focusing on her. The Biden administration is sending Harris out as an attack dog, including to Florida to stump against Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), which “keeps President Biden above the fray,” according to the New York Times. Harris is being used as the chief campaigner for Biden’s reelection because Biden is an 80-year-old man who struggles to get through even prepared remarks.

That is the other reason Republicans are focusing on Harris. There are legitimate questions about whether Biden will make it through another four-year term. He would be 86 by the time he would leave office in 2029, and even on the day his campaign launched his administration, he couldn’t promise he would serve a full second term. Whether Biden chooses to step down or his health forces him out of office, it is exceedingly likely that Harris will serve as president if Biden wins a second term.


Then there is the tired canard that all criticism of Harris is racist, sexist, or both. Back in reality, almost no one likes Harris. She hit record-low approval for a vice president in June. Independents in CNN’s most recent poll disapprove of her job performance, 57% to 42%. Even Democrats aren’t crazy about her. When they had the opportunity to make her the presidential nominee in the 2020 race following a strong campaign launch, Harris flamed out of the race before voting even began due to a lack of support among Democrats.

Harris is simply not good at politics. It was clear when Democrats rejected her in 2019 and clear ever since Biden picked her as an affirmative action running mate. She is unliked by independents, and she is receiving attention because of Biden’s age and her role in the campaign. Just about no one, even Democrats, want her to be president. That’s not racism. It’s simply responsible decision-making.


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