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Jason Foglesong for Congress (R) Texas

 Jason Foglesong for Congress (R) Texas

Jason Foglesong for Congress (R) Texas

I’m Jason Foglesong and I want to serve in the House of Representatives, for Texas District 13.  That’s a big district, stretching from the Panhandle down to Gainesville.  If you’re at all familiar, Mac Thornberry has represented us for the past 25 years or so.

I have been a resident of Amarillo for just over a decade.  Before moving to Texas, I graduated from SUNY Binghamton with a B.A. in Political Science with a focus on the Middle East and US Foreign Policy.  I am proud to call myself lifelong conservative and gun owner, I relocated to Amarillo in 2009 seeking better opportunities and a much more politically compatible environment.

I currently serve as chairman of Potter County Precinct 122, and am regularly active with Republican Party activities.

I am presently employed as a high school teacher in Amarillo, and have previously worked in corrections, security (including healthcare) and retail (including management).

Briefly, I am pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-Trump.  I stand with our President to secure the border and I absolutely support the wall.  One of the things that aggravates me in government is the lack of transparency and the lack of accountability to voters. I’m sick and tired of insiders, lobbyists, and career politicians (and their cronies) taking our votes and our money and forgetting about us.  It’s time to have a real representative in government.  It’s time to stop supporting wanton spending and people who are only Republican when a camera is on them.

Campaign Promises:

Accessibility:  Evening and Weekend events all over District 13, ensuring access to your representative; digital outreach programs will be in place while Congress is in session.

Accountability:  I am not beholden to unions, lobbies, or special interests – only to the voters.

Transparency:  Government, at all levels, must be easy to access and understand by the common citizen.




E-Verify must be made mandatory.

National Voter ID must be established.

The wall must be built and maintained.

Our military must be funded and supplied.

Veterans’ benefits must improve.

Healthcare/Education should be competitive.

Red Flag Laws must be abolished.

Estate and Social Security should not be taxed.

The lives of the unborn must be protected.

CHL must be made reciprocal.

Contact me: www.foglesong2020.com



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