• July 14, 2024

Jason Foglesong (R) for US House of Representatives, Texas District 13

 Jason Foglesong (R)  for US House of Representatives, Texas District 13

Jason Foglesong for Congress (R) Texas

My Thoughts on Solving Illegal Immigration

I’m Jason Foglesong, and I’m a Republican running for the US House of Representatives, Texas District 13 – which runs from the Panhandle all the way to Gainesville, TX.  You may have met me on the campaign trail, or maybe you will soon.  A big part of my platform is border security and immigration.  I have some ideas to help solve America’s illegal immigration problems.

One of the biggest threats to our republic is illegal immigration.  A constant influx of people illegally entering the country, obtaining employment, benefits and services is a major drain on our economy, not to mention a threat to Americans everywhere.  These people are stealing from us all, indirectly.  They artificially lower wages.  They raise costs elsewhere, as they use services funded by and for taxpayers.  They bring diseases long since defeated into our schools and communities, along with drugs, violence, and human trafficking.

And then they get to vote.  No, of course, that’s illegal.  But it happens.  Many states don’t ask for much when one gets a driver’s license.  In turn, that license is enough for one to register to vote.  No one checks.  Who has time or resources to verify voter registrations for millions of people?  Just where do these illegals obtain social security numbers?  How much fraud and crime does it take for just ONE of these people to obtain “the American Dream” and what cost to taxpayers?

The solution to all of this will take time and planning.

President Trump’s wall must be built.  After we build it, we must maintain and patrol it.  Democrat-run states, at this point, cannot be trusted to enforce the law.  The military will probably need to work with Federal agencies to patrol the wall.  There is room here for volunteers and even private security companies to contribute.  All levels of law enforcement must be empowered to detain, question, process, and remove illegals wherever they are found.

A National Voter ID must be established to protect the integrity of our elections.  It will also assist in the implementations of the programs below.  It is not racist to require an ID to vote.

E-Verify must be mandatory – for all businesses, of all types, in all 50 States.  E-Verify is free for employers.  It’s already implemented and ready to use.  Failure to comply should result in heavy penalties and even prison time for repeat violations.

We must then audit all welfare and social services to ensure only citizens are utilizing those programs – followed by drug tests for all recipients.  We can save a lot of money combating fraudulent welfare claims.

Criminal, deadbeat, drug addict, illegal alien… these things were never meant to be a protected status.  It’s past time to hold people accountable for the things they do, and the crimes they commit.

If this seems racist to you…then you are part of the problem.  If this seems like too much of an expansion of Federal power to you, then I might be inclined to agree.  However, we’ve reached the point in our country where Democrat states and cities blatantly flout immigration laws, and where that party seems to care more about criminals and illegals than American citizens.  Too many businesses are complicit in this, exploiting illegal labor and reaping the benefits, while the rest of us are victimized and defrauded by their day to day activities.  There are no victimless crimes.

If you agree with me, please visit my campaign website https://www.foglesong2020.com or find me on social media: www.facebook.com/foglesong2020  or   www.twitter.com/foglesong2020

If you’d like to donate – https://secure.winred.com/jason-foglesong-for-congress/donate – please use WinRed, the official RNC fundraising platform, and I promise to split all donations 50/50 with President Trump.

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