• June 16, 2024

Joe Biden and China

 Joe Biden and China

Gen Z is an Contributor for Conservative Choice Campaign.com

It should be obvious at this point, for reasons related to Joe Biden and China, among other issues, that we can’t let Joe Biden be president. We have to make sure that, in the November election, Joe Biden loses in a landslide.

Before jumping into the history of Joe Biden and China, Hunter Biden and his China deal and Chinese investments, and the other connections of the Bidens to China, let’s review Biden’s other issues. He’s an unelectable mess that is probably senile, probably a rapist, certainly creepy, and undoubtedly corrupt. Plus his gaffes are a constant source of embarrassment for everyone involved. Because of those alone, Biden shouldn’t be trusted to protect American interests overseas. He’s too likely to be blackmailed with incriminating information and is too mentally gone to possibly make good decisions every time he needs to.

As if those issues weren’t enough, the relationship between Joe Biden and China is particularly concerning, for obvious reasons. Like Brad Parscale notes in his tweet at the top of this article, Biden has:

  • supported China’s entry in the WTO
  • Opposed the Trump tariffs on China and sided with China on trade issues
  • was against the Trump immigration restrictions on China
  • is against calling Covid-19 the Chinese Flu even though it clearly originated in China
  • Supports funding the pro-China WHO
  • His son, Hunter Biden, had very sketchy business deals with China

So, what does that quick summary of the relationship between Joe Biden and China show? That Biden definitely can’t be trusted to uphold America’s interests when dealing with China. He has financial incentives, Hunter Biden’s China deal, not to do so, and political motives not to do so.

Americans need to wake up and recognize that fact about Joe Biden and China immediately. We’re in a new Cold War with the Chinese and events like Trump’s trade war with China are only the opening of that war. We need to present a united front if we are to win it.

With President Donald Trump in office, we don’t have to worry about the government getting soft on China; he knows how to deal with the Chinese and would do anything in his power to beat them. That’s because Trump is a real, patriotic American. Trump’s China relationship is just the one America needs; not too openly hostile, but also not subservient or overly trusting.

The Joe Biden and China relationship, on the other hand, is just the opposite. Creepy Joe Biden has continually supported the communist Chinese and done his best to support and defend them on the world stage. He’d rather sniff more children or grope women than get tough on the Chinese.

Perhaps that relationship between Joe Biden and China is due to the Democratic Party’s socialist leanings; why would people like Comrade Bernie want to attack their fellow socialists? That’s the same problem America faced in the early stages of its first Cold War, as described in American Betrayal. Socialists at home worked to weaken our position with the Soviets because they agreed with the socialist ideology of the Soviet Union. I fear that something similar is happening now, as socialists in the US government work to support China rather than America. Biden might be one of those traitors.

The other reason for Joe Biden’s ridiculously pro-China stance is that he is financially compromised. His corruption, as shown by his son Hunter Biden’s sketchy business dealings, has led him to support an enemy nation over his homeland. Hillary did it with Uranium and Russia, what evidence is there that Biden hasn’t done the same thing now by supporting Hunter Biden’s China deal?

The relationship between Joe Biden and China is scary. America needs strong leaders to stave off Chinese aggression. With a weak, pro-China leader like Biden in charge, America’s new Cold War with China would be off to a very bad start.

The fact is, we are quickly approaching an era of severe and continued competition with China. They already engage in technological espionage against us and are working against our interests in East Asia. We need a president that, like President Donald Trump, sees the threat posed by China and is willing to fight against that threat, whatever the cost.

In the past, as you can read in The End is Always Near, empires fell when they no longer fought with the same intensity against the threats to the world order that they led. The Roman Empire fell when it no longer could fight the Germans. The Athenian Empire collapsed when it lost a war to Sparta. And the British Empire collapsed when it misjudged the threats posed by Germany and Japan.

America cannot go the way of those nations. We need to wake up to the threat posed by China and start fighting against it. Joe Biden is a corrupt politician that is closely intertwined with China and will do nothing to help us fight against it. Joe Biden will be weak on China because Joe Biden and China have worked together in the past.

President Trump, on the other hand, will stand up to China and for American interests in the region. He will uphold the American world order that we have all profited from.

By: Gen Z Conservative, Author of the blog www.genzconservative.com

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