• April 20, 2024

Judge Cannon Hammers Jack Smith’s Documents Case

 Judge Cannon Hammers Jack Smith’s Documents Case

‘arbitrary enforcement’

Former President Donald Trump is in a Florida courtroom today in the Jack Smith classified documents case. Judge Cannon cited Robert Hur’s report of the “elderly” guy with the “poor memory” in the Oval Office who committed several felonies regarding classified documents.

Hur’s report shows that Joe Biden willfully and intentionally mishandled classified documents. Biden stole them without the right to do so and shared them with an author who had no right to see them legally. The author even obstructed justice.

“Robert Hur’s report and testimony is the biggest elephant in the room,” Julie Kelly noted. “The term ‘arbitrary enforcement’ is used frequently by both the defense and Judge Aileen Cannon.”

Far-left Salon is afraid the case will be dropped over the lack of detail. The far-left cares nothing about the law.



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