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Judge Chutkan covered up Butina’s role in Uranium One

 Judge Chutkan covered up Butina’s role in Uranium One


Convicted Russian Spy Mariia Butina plead guilty to being a spy in exchange for immunity in her role as a money launderer and FBI informant in the Uranium One fiasco.

It ended up with the U.S. selling 25 per of its uranium to Russia and billions of dollars paid in bribes.

Butina doctored up documents to make bribes paid to Vadim Mikerin look like legitimate business expenses. Mikerin plead guilty to money laundering in one of the four Uranium One cases.

The source of Butina’s involvement in Uranium One is William Campbell. He ratted out Butina as an employee of Tenex, the Russian owned uranium company.


Campbell was a:

  • lobbyist for the Russian owned company Tenex

  • an employee of Transport Logistics, the company with a monopoly on moving uranium in and out of the U.S.

  • and an FBI informant since 2009

Tenex Exhibit I page one.png

Tenex Exhibit I second panel June 7th 2012.png

Tenex Exhibit I third panel.png

Here is how Butina would cover the bribery scheme.

She would take a $100,000 bribe and break in down into odd lot payments of $28,395, $42,994, and $26,611. Who would notice the bribes?

Except the numbers were bigger.

The FBI only admitted finding $2,126,622 in bribes. The Uranium One cases dealt with $150 billion of uranium contained in 20,000 nuclear war heads.


Mikerin demanded half the money.

Who got the rest?

The only way the FBI could have known the details of the bribes was to have an informant.

That informant was Butina.

The source of Butina’s involved in money laundering is public record.

It is in Wiliam Campbell’s federal case to recover $760,000 from Mikerin and Transport Logistics International (TLI), their employer.

Campbell face sheet plaintiff face sheet top showing case number.png

Campbell page eleven top.png

Campbell page eleven bottom Maria Butina.png


Butina’s immunity deal was covered up by Judge Tonya Chutkan, Prosecutor Jessie Liu, and defense attorneys Bob Driscoll and Alfred Carry.

Here are court records of the cover up imaged from Pacer, the official record of the federal judiciary:

Chutkan COVER up doc 124 dated May 1st 2019.png

Chutkan docket covering up doc 124.png

When one attempts up Document 124 highlighted in blue above, here is the summary:

“You do not have permission to access this document”.

Defense attorneys have the immunity deal. They refuse to release it.

The Judge has it too. And Prosecutor Liu. They never want it disclosed.

The “Judicial Conference Policy” is public record. It is a way the federal judiciary makes law without a vote of Congress.

If Judge Chutkan’s citation was valid, where is it? What date, page, court citation or reference?

It is omitted.


Time for another impeachment of another federal judge?

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