• June 22, 2024

Judge Issues Warning to All Americans a Year After Declaring Border Invasion

 Judge Issues Warning to All Americans a Year After Declaring Border Invasion

A Texas judge is still warning Americans that the invasion by a tidal wave of illegals streaming across our southern border every day isn’t just a problem for people living in border states, but is, instead, a direct threat to every community in the country.

“They’re coming to your town,” Terrell County Judge Dale Carruthers said of the border crisis in a recent interview, “and your residents will be just as angry as my residents are.”

Carruthers had become so alarmed by the army of illegals entering the country that she ended up dropping her life-long affiliation with the Democratic Party and became a Republican because her former party is not merely disinterested in the problem, but wants to make it worse.

Just about a year ago, Carruthers became one of the first judges in Texas history to proclaim the flood of illegals to be an “invasion” of our country and she is not backing down from that assessment now.

In July of last year, Carruthers joined a list of judges, sheriffs, and other Texas officials in signing a declaration of invasion and calling on Gov. Greg Abbott to join them in labeling the crisis of illegals as an official invasion under Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution, The Center Square reported at the time.

Carruthers said that the group of officials intended to keep pressure on Abbott about the dangers of illegal immigration.

“We are pushing it very hard,” she said last year. “Terrell County has less than 1,000 people. We have had [people from] over 100 different countries go through Terrell County. That is of every shade of Melanin in your skin. We have experienced an invasion that is something of every language.”

“And I say that — I am a multi-racial judge. I am standing here letting you know it is not of color. There are over 100 countries coming through. We are trying to protect the sovereignty of Texas. I am a constitutional judge and we are standing behind the constitution,” she said of the flood of criminal illegals.

A year has now passed and nothing is getting any better. And Carruthers is once again speaking out on the issue.

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Source: The Gateway Pundit

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