• February 21, 2024

Judge Locks Up TikTok Punk with a Brutal Message: ‘Your Pranks Are Not Funny’

 Judge Locks Up TikTok Punk with a Brutal Message: ‘Your Pranks Are Not Funny’

A judge locked up a TikTok prankster who developed a reputation for posting rude, harassing and even dangerous videos to the social media platform and then refusing to take any responsibility or criticism from the blowback the videos created.

The prankster punk who posted under the name “Mizzy” became a pariah in England for his insensitive videos, according to the UK Independent.

In one series of videos, for instance, he was seen walking into random homes and parading around inside as shocked and frightened homeowners stood by wondering who he was and why he had invaded their homes. Another video showed him running up and taking a pet dog away from an elderly woman and then running away with it. In another video he harassed a young schoolboy by grabbing hold of the boy’s uniform clothing and preventing him from getting away. He was also seen attacking and fighting a man with dwarfism.

But on Tuesday, Stratford Magistrates’ Court Judge Matthew Bone said he was not amused by Mizzy’s videos and sentenced the content creator to 18 weeks in detention in a young offender’s institution.

The prankster, whose real name is Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, was arrested several times over his videos and was banned from using any social media by a court order issued in October.

But he was re-arrested for breaking the court orders, and now he’s headed to the lockup.

The jokester — who is part of a dangerous trend — has been rather defiant about the arrests and court orders.

Back in May the brash scofflaw offhandedly said “UK laws are weak” and insisted that “This whole public outroar just makes me laugh,” in an interview with TV presenter Piers Morgan, the New York Post reported at the time.

O’Garro pleaded not guilty to all the charges and excused away his disrespectful videos as just a result of his “desire to be famous,” and to “receive money and designer clothes from sponsors,” according to The Guardian.

The putative funny man also claimed that a friend of his who had access to

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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