• May 23, 2024

Judge Napolitano and Larry Johnson Talk Jack Teixeira, a Corrupt Department of Justice and Ukraine

 Judge Napolitano and Larry Johnson Talk Jack Teixeira, a Corrupt Department of Justice and Ukraine

Judge Napolitano, given his prior experience as a Judge, immediately recognized this miscarriage of justice in the case of Jack Teixeira. There is no acceptable explanation or excuse for the U.S. Government’s claim that it uncovered a “stash of weapons” in the bedroom of the junior enlisted member of the U.S. Air Force who allegedly removed classified information from a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (aka SCIF) and then posted it to an online gamer’s chat room.

The headline from Business Insider is typical of the misinformation spread by the media — Pentagon leak suspect Jack Teixeira had a stash of guns in his army-themed bedroom and talked about mass shootings, legal filings show “Army-themed bedroom?” Really? Jack is in the Air Force, not the Army. However, the “Army” gear discovered in Jack’s bedroom, as I noted in the previous post, is consistent with someone who plays Air Soft. Rather than admit to this fact the Department of Justice went out of its way to implicate Teixeira as a right-wing racist keen on mass murder. Given the Department of Justice’s proven record of lying and hiding evidence (e.g., Hunter Biden laptop), there is ample reason to doubt the Department of Justice’s account.

I know from some of my old friends who served in the FBI that they are heartsick over the politicization and corruption evident in the current FBI. The FBI’s vast experience with firearms means there is no way any Agent could confuse an Air Soft gun with a real firearm capable of killing someone. I still leave open the possibility that the agents who scoured Teixeira’s bedroom produced an accurate report and that the Department of Justice prosecutors decided to go with the lie. Regardless, this kind of professional misconduct undermines trust in both the FBI and the Department of Justice. If they are going to lie about the nature of the faux firearms taken from Teixeira’s bedroom, what else are they fabulating?

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