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Laura Loomer Wins – Harmeet Dhillon Retreats from California GOP “Proportional” Rule Position, Now Backs “Winner-Take-All” Option

 Laura Loomer Wins – Harmeet Dhillon Retreats from California GOP “Proportional” Rule Position, Now Backs “Winner-Take-All” Option

It is difficult to overstate just how impactful Mrs. Laura Loomer was/is in blocking a California scheme that appears to be part of a wider GOPe plan to dilute the primary election delegate distribution against the interests of President Trump and his supporters.

Mrs. Loomer exposed a three-week old plan by state RNC leadership Jessica Patterson, Shawn Steel and Harmeet Dhillon to change the California Republican primary outcome to a proportional distribution of candidates.

Loomer published the contents of a leaked email from the three organizers Patterson, Steel and Dhillon.

As people realized what was happening, all behind closed doors and hidden from public review, outrage began to surface.

Today, after initially trying to justify her position, Mrs. Dhillon reverses course and now supports the ‘winner-take-all’ option. An option that was always available, but purposefully ignored in the plan to deliver the delegates via proportional distribution. As you will see below, Dhillon an RNC rules committee member, claims she was unaware of the rule and led astray by the statements of Mrs. Patterson and Mr. Steel.

First, here’s Mrs. Loomers statement upon hearing of the Dhillon reversal:

RNC CA Committeewoman Harmeet Dhillon is now backtracking. She just sent an email out saying that she supports California’s “winner take all” threshold for delegates, that this is her “personal opinion” and doesn’t speak for Jessica Patterson and Shawn Steel? and that she “regrets” that the CA GOP’s back door plan to have a bylaw amendment to remove the “winner takes all” threshold wasn’t communicated to the public and the delegates.

That’s nice and all, but if that’s the case, why was she signed onto the Amendment proposal that was sent out on her behalf on June 17 by CAGOP Chair Jessica Patterson?

In other words, they got caught and now they have to save face.


If this is how Harmeet feels, then I strongly suggest she say so publicly and not support the bylaw change at the CAGOP executive meeting on July 29.

I hope everyone sees they had no plans of ever telling the delegates this information until I blew the whistle.

This is very easy. The RNC’s own rule book says that individual states can keep their “majority takes all”threshold for delegates.

There is no need to change the rules, even if the CA Primary is now earlier. If this is how Harmeet now feels all of sudden, then she needs to oppose the bylaw amendment and keep the language as is so that all of the delegates are awarded to the winner and there’s no way to have a brokered convention.

This is just a very long way of her saying “we got caught doing something we shouldn’t be doing behind closed doors. Now the cat is out of the bag and I know this isn’t going away, so let me try to distance myself from Jessica Patterson and Shawn Steel so that I can try to save face.”

The only way this is going away in any capacity is if all 3 RNC reps from California rip up the bylaw amendment and keep the winner takes all language.

There could very well be protests outside of the CAGOP Executive meeting on July 29 unless this is changed. (read more)

If you carefully read the statement made by Dhillon, you will notice a great deal of disingenuous language used in an effort to cover her tracks.  She seems to portray herself as being hoodwinked by the other participants, which, when combined with the attempted defenses by her DeSantis supporting allies, seems to be the way Dhillon plans to remove herself from the sunlight.

The RNC National Committeewoman, who ran to become the RNC Chairwoman and sits on the RNC Rules Committee, now claims she was not aware of the rules and further disagrees with the content of the letter that was decided three weeks ago.  Something apparently happened between the agreement with the other executives and today.  That something was likely Laura Loomer.   Read the Dhillon letter carefully.


For comparison, this was Mrs. Dhillon’s position 18 hours ago.


Again, keep in mind Mrs. Dhillon, who ran for RNC chair 5 months ago, is the California RNC Committeewoman, and she sits on the National RNC rules committee.

Suddenly, all of the stuff in Mrs. Dhillon’s prior position is claimed to be untrue in Mrs. Dhillon’s current position.

Yesterday, the RNC rules were “legally necessary” and the deadlines were “looming”.   Today, the RNC rules do not make the proportional requirements mandatory, and there is plenty of time for debate and discussion.  Go figure.

In the bigger picture, Mrs. Loomer’s supernova of sunlight has now put the RNC/RGA and DeSantis team into a position of vulnerability.  There is a possibility that people will begin to understand that all of the GOP candidates are not trying to win the 2024 nomination; rather they are in the race as part of the Big Club plan to gain collections of individual delegates that can be reassembled into one larger delegate bloc at the RNC convention.

California was only one state that was organizing their rules to participate in the block Trump effort.

Keep watching…

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