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Leaked Memo Says Pentagon Military Vaccine Mandates Violated the Law

 Leaked Memo Says Pentagon Military Vaccine Mandates Violated the Law


Leaked Memo Says Pentagon Military Vaccine Mandates

Violated the Law


By Mark Schwendau


A leaked memo says the Pentagon’s vaccine mandates on the military could have violated the law, spawning numerous lawsuits.

The U.S. Military should be readying for lawsuits as a leaked memo says the Pentagon’s vaccine mandates may have violated the laws that protect religious liberty. The Epoch Times reported the Pentagon has been discriminating against religions, even before the vaccine mandates, and that current policies are part of a broader trend.

Those who refused to take the vaccines had their lives upended even to the point of being dishonorably discharged from the military.

Military Readies for Lawsuits; Leaked Memo Says Pentagon Vaccine Mandates Could Violate the Law,” Crossroads with Joshua Philipp:

Crossroads also reported, “Meanwhile, Dr. Anthony Fauci is being put on the spot about previous comments he gave encouraging natural immunity over a flu vaccine; and Fauci has also come out to challenge interpretations of President Joe Biden’s recent statement that the COVID-19 pandemic is over.”

On July 29, 2021, ‘acting’ president Joe Biden came out with a presidential executive order mandating some government workers be required to get the COVID-19 vaccines while exempting other groups such as Congress and the U.S. Postal Service workers. This was done after he previously had said on the campaign trail of 2020 that he would not make such a mandate, another Joe Biden lie.

After that, the Department of Defense’s (DoDs) requirement was made that all Armed Forces members receive COVID-19 vaccinations, even if they had already had the virus and developed natural immunity. This had a severely disruptive ripple effect throughout the military ranks.  Those effects involved everything from denial of promotions and denial of assignments for those who refused the vaccination as well as thousands of service members leaving the military and recruitment down some 60% now.

Biden’s vaccination mandate order also gave rise to a spate of lawsuits and is likely to spur more challenges. People just now are becoming aware very few to no religious exemptions were granted to accommodate those who filed religious accommodation requests. It has been found some medical exemptions were granted by officials of the military.

“I have talked to military members, and no one likes this policy; no one thinks it’s a good idea. I agree with them that this policy will backfire in a big way. It’s going to force people who are moral, ethical service members out of the military and is going to leave a readiness gap. But the other problem is this is a relatively untested vaccine, and we’re all just now starting to see what the health effects are,” Susan Katz Keating, a journalist specializing in military affairs and the editor and publisher of Soldier of Fortune magazine, told The Epoch Times in an interview.

After ‘acting’ President Joe Biden’s July 29, 2021, vaccine mandate order to the Department of Defense to add COVID-19 to its list of required vaccinations, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s subsequent memorandum on Aug. 24, 2021, required each branch of the military to vaccinate all service members. For those with a military background, this was a serious breach of national security as the vaccines had already widely been proven unsafe and ineffective.  The vaccine injured were coming forward from around the world to organizations such as America’s Frontline Doctors.

Also, morticians and funeral home directors came forward with information about elongated blood clots being extracted from corpses during the embalming process. They hadn’t seen anything like this previously.

Biden’s order quickly met with resistance from military personnel seeking exemptions on various grounds. Overall, there were concerns about the safety and unknown long-term side effects of the experimental mRNA gene modification drugs posing as vaccines they felt had been rushed through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval on an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

Some objected to the vaccines on religious grounds and took issue with the use of fetal cell lines in developing the drugs without explanation from Big Pharma.  This was revealed by both a whistleblower and a hidden camera interview of alternative news sources.

Military personnel speaking on the condition of anonymity think no matter how mixed the results so far, legal challenges to the policy are just getting started. The Epoch Times found one active-duty Navy Commander willing to speak publicly with his take on the evolving situation.

Rob Green, an active-duty Navy commander (O5) serving with Maritime Expeditionary Security Group Two, told The Epoch Times.

“I don’t want to speak for 2.1 million of my friends, but I’ll say that there are many who did not want to get vaccinated. They’re being told that they have to, but common sense told these people that if a pandemic has a 99.99 percent survivability rate, and you’re in the healthiest possible age group in America, `Why am I going to take this risk?’” Green said.

Also, last week, 14 Marines residing in the states of Texas, Washington State, Louisiana, Minnesota, and North Carolina filed a class-action lawsuit in a federal court in Texas against Defense Secretary Austin. In their court filing, the plaintiffs cited “sincerely held religious beliefs,” claiming military officials have been inconsistent in their treatment of service members seeking such exemptions. They contend, “Religious accommodation requests are universally denied unless the requester is already imminently leaving the Marines,” their complaint alleges.

The plaintiffs claim that military officials’ refusal to grant exemptions on religious grounds has been inconsistent with their willingness to exempt service members on other grounds, which violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 and the Administrative Procedure Act.

Their complaint lists several negative consequences for the careers and lives of those service members who refused the COVID-19 vaccinations. Their complaint alleges the DoD threatened those who refused to comply with court-martials, involuntary separation from the services, negative performance evaluations, loss of leadership positions, removal from consideration for promotions, the inability to retire in good standing, non-deployable status, denial of benefits and special pay, and the loss of leave and travel privileges, among other penalties and punishments.

The discharges that resulted from Biden’s mandate were all said to be dishonorable.

The common thinking of those in the know is that some of these current, discharged military personnel will be suing for their prior military lives back, while others will be going after the DoD for monetary damages due to vaccine injuries after complying with the unproven shots.


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Mark S. Schwendau is a retired technology professor who has always had a sideline in news-editorial writing where his byline has been, “Bringing little known news to people who simply want to know the truth.”  He classifies himself as a Christian conservative who God cast to be a realist.  Mark is an award-winning educator who has published seven books and numerous peer-reviewed trade journal articles, some of which can be found on the Internet.  His father was a fireman/paramedic, while his mother was a registered nurse.  He holds degrees in technology education, industrial management, OSHA Safety, and Driver’s Education.  His personal website is www.IDrawIWrite.Tech.

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