• May 20, 2024

Left Blames, Bans, Lies About the Right and Protects the Trans Day of Vengeance

 Left Blames, Bans, Lies About the Right and Protects the Trans Day of Vengeance

The Trans Radical Activist Network has organized a ‘Trans Day of Vengeance.’ As you may have guessed from the name, they are radical leftists with one agenda – transgenderism. Their day will involve a march of armed trans protesters in DC at the Supreme Court on April 1.

The group behind the march also raised money for firearms training.

Before the Nashville tragedy, the protesters changed the march’s name from Trans Day of Visibility to what you see now.

Some Twitter users posed for a flyer with “assault rifles” (to use the language of the Left) and included the hashtag.

Twitter has removed at least 5,000 posts that included the flyer following backlash. Many of the people silenced were people on the Right reporting factually.


The media and Democrats blame Gov. Lee, all Republicans, Donald Trump, Christians, straight people, and white people for the horrific Nashville murders in the Covenant school. It is Satanic.

The problem is Democrats care nothing for democracy as the Right defines it. They don’t care that J6 prisoners are in prison for two years without bail, denied due process, and a speedy trial. If Justices differ from them on issues, Chuck Schumer rants to his followers they will pay. The Constitution is only followed when it helps their narrative.

If a reporter goes through Twitter files and reports honestly, they send IRS agents to his home while he’s testifying.

They will do anything to silence political opponents and remove our right to self-defense. They’ve taken our privacy and are working to cancel the rest of our civil rights.

The media, certain politicians, and a panel of witch hunters presented a show trial while depriving allies of the former president of the United States of their legal rights. Former President Trump has no right to due process, executive privilege, or attorney-client privilege. Courts have ruled against him to date.

When Twitter Files reporters testified, Democrats demanded they reveal their sources. There is nothing democratic about that.

Only weeks ago, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called on the chairman of a media organization to censor one of its anchors because “our democracy depends on it.”

The new uniparty doesn’t care about the rules, the tax dollars, or the people. They hate you. They have continually incited their craziest and most militant identity groups against the rest of the country as they provoke war, destroy our economy, and leave our borders open.

Look at this title below. The media is done. They don’t report the news. They are activists.
Transperson Audrey-Aubrey-Aiden Hale murdered the pastor’s little girl.
Anyone on the Right who reports the Trans Day of Vengeance gets suspended for a week.

The Right is banned for reporting on the day of vengeance after the murder by a trans person of six innocent people. The person killed three little children and three people who cared for them. Yet, the Right is blamed, banned, and Democrats run around supporting these lunatic radicals planning a day of vengeance.

They suspended Marjorie Taylor Green’s account for telling the truth while allowing many trans-activist posts before the backlash.
Murder victims of the trans person with a. manifesto that undoubtedly exposes the motive, but it has been kept hidden.


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