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Leftist Professor Writing for Atlantic Magazine Wants to Let Bygones be Bygones and Accept a “Pandemic Amnesty” – Sorry, Not Happening

 Leftist Professor Writing for Atlantic Magazine Wants to Let Bygones be Bygones and Accept a “Pandemic Amnesty” – Sorry, Not Happening

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Brown University Professor Emily Oster, writing for The Atlantic wants to heal divisions created during the COVID-19 pandemic, let bygones be bygones and accept a pandemic amnesty; now that the nonsense covid positions of the professional left are shown to have been built upon lies, falsehoods and social manipulation….

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…. Sorry, not happening.

The professional political leftists are starting to rebrand themselves as having fallen victim to the “bureaucracy of COVID”, and according to those high-minded people who think very highly of themselves, we are supposed to embrace this new enlightenment from the same people who were demanding our acquiescence to their dictates and sneering at those who did not comply.

This example of “THE AWAKENING” from Brown University Professor Emily Oster is supposed to be something I am told to appreciate.  Fat chance.

I/We are expected to appreciate the same people who demanded our acquiescence to every policy that was created by their ridiculous fear, simply because they now admit ‘oops, my bad‘?   Sorry, not happening.

For two years they shoved their intolerant fingers in our faces, destroyed lives and livelihoods, made ridiculous demands in order to sustain their own fear, threatened our children, destroyed the economy, used COVID as an excuse to destroy families and steal an election, attempted to force us to kneel at the altar of their mask wearing and never-ending vaccine crap, took our jobs if we refused their mandates… and we’re just supposed to what, forgive them?


Federal Criminal Complaint Against Pelosi Attacker David DePape Released – pdf links

The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California has released the federal criminal complaint against David DePape, the attacker at the home of Paul and Nancy Pelosi. {Complaint Pdf Available Here}

The complaint includes the affidavit of FBI Special Agent Stephanie Minor:



Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips Put in Jail for Refusing to Outline Sources Who Revealed Konnech U.S. Election Data Transfer to China

True the Vote founder Catherine Englebrecht and election data security analyst, Gregg Phillips, have been held in contempt of court and placed in jail for failing to outline the participants in a 2020 hotel discussion that revealed the Konnech election data compromise that was transmitted to Chinese networks.  {Go Deep}

On October 4th, the CEO of  Konnech – a company specializing in proprietary PollChief software to manage election workers – was arrested. [link] Konnech Corporation Chief Executive Officer Eugene Yu was arrested for exploiting access to U.S. election data, including election worker information, and transferring the files to China.

The information that led to Yu’s arrest was the information given to the FBI and first revealed to Englebrecht and Phillips.  However, the Konnech corporation filed a civil lawsuit against Englebrecht and Phillips claiming defamation.  A Texas federal judge allowed the civil lawsuit to continue despite the arrest of Eugene Yu.

Federal Judge Kenneth Hoyt demanded that Phillips and Englebrecht reveal the names of everyone who was in a hotel room when the original data files were presented to True the Vote.  Englebrecht and Phillips stated they did not ever possess the data file, do not have it and refused to name all the participants who may have seen it.   Today Judge Hoyt threw them in jail until Englebrecht and Phillips give up the names.

(Post Millennial) – On Monday, US Marshalls took into custody Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of True the Vote, for refusing to identify a confidential informant.

Federal Judge Kenneth Hoyt delivered the order, holding the two in contempt of court for refusing to identify the informant, according to independent journalist Ivory Hecker.

Hoyt ordered that Engelbrcht and Phillips be held in custody for at least a day, until they divulge that information.  (read more)


Well, Conspiracy No More – Leaked DHS Documents Show Portal Connections Where Govt Officials Backchannel Instructions to Social Media Engineers and Conduct Surveillance

Before getting to the latest revelation/evidence which affirms CTH research for multiple years, let me just remind everyone of the commonsense aspect.  If the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) was actually doing what I have long said it appeared they were doing, then…

…The databases of the identified social media platforms appear to be integrated with the U.S. intelligence system.  This relationship makes the U.S government a stakeholder in the financial sustainability of the enterprise(s).  Thus, a collaborative effort to financially subsidize the underlying data processing fits the mutual benefit scenario.  ~ Sundance

DHS gets domestic surveillance tools under the guise of ‘national security’.  Meanwhile, massive social media companies get financial offsets for the extreme data processing costs associated with millions of simultaneous users.  That’s the mutual benefit behind “Jack’s Magic Coffee Shop.”  Previously people called it a ‘conspiracy theory‘, I didn’t care, still don’t, it just makes the most sense; Occam’s Razor applies.

Today, all that was almost certain is now brought forth with buckets of evidence showing how social media enterprises have direct portals to DHS to transmit information and receive instructions. It’s a public-private partnership, just like it always appeared.  To quote succinctly, we been knew.

Now before getting all giddy and excited about the documents leaked to The Intercept, proving what CTH has outlined for years, allow me to temper the thirst for immediate I toldyaso’s,   Slow your roll…

Remind yourself when everyone was giddy about getting to see for the first time in history a released ‘top secret’ Title-1 FISA application (Carter Page) and how everyone rushed to review and discuss it without asking the first question(s) first.  We know these are bad actors, so why was it released and who released it?

The same applies here.  We know the change of ownership within Twitter might pose a threat to discovery of government conduct that has taken place inside the enterprise under prior management.  So why is the DHS connection to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc. and social media being revealed now?  What are their motives, and who is leaking it?  We do not yet know.

As to what is being revealed in the leak, it’s a remarkable affirmation of how the Fourth Branch of Government operates.  Specifically, what CTH has outlined for years about the use of the Dept of Homeland Security, as a political surveillance weapon under the justification of national security.


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