• April 14, 2024

Lethal Voting

 Lethal Voting

MIKE CARGILE A Family Man -Veteran- A Choice in the Right Direction

This November, the vote you cast will have literal life or death consequences. What do I mean when I say this? I mean precisely this: “Your life, the life of your family, friends and neighbors depends on the choices you make for our next round of leaders.”  It’s that simple. Let me show you why…


When I was in the Army and hung around Special Forces soldiers, when they weren’t deployed somewhere, all they did was train. Constantly. Because of this, we have the greatest Special Forces in the world. Their proficiency and tactics are unrivaled anywhere. And it’s all due to training… Now, take that lesson and apply it to law enforcement who are deployed EVERY DAY to the streets, businesses and neighborhoods of our Nation. How much do they get to train? Not near enough…


Many of the mistakes we see are not due to bad policing or bad tactics, they’re due to being under-trained. It’s not that some of our officers don’t know how to do things, our Police Academies are excellent! But when you’re constantly on patrol or stuck behind a desk, that skillset tarnishes. It’s like the old adage “Use it or lose it”. And in today’s world of bodycams and cell phones, you can’t afford to be rusty on ANYTHING!


So what’s the solution? Easy. It’s the EXACT OPPOSITE of what our leaders are proposing! We need to spend MORE on police training, not LESS. And because an officer who is in training isn’t out there covering the streets, we need to hire MORE officers to fill the gaps, NOT LESS! To do anything different jeopardizes the ability of law enforcement to be the absolute best they can be when they respond to an emergency situation. And in today’s world, everything is an emergency and nothing happens in isolation. That’s just the nature of the beast. So, as we’ve just seen in the Floyd case, nothing is routine anymore and ramifications for mistakes can be catastrophic.


Back to my original point, when you cast your vote in November, if you vote for a leader or legislator who has advocated for reduced law enforcement, that means they don’t understand the issue or worse…they don’t care to fix it. Safety and Security should not be politicized!


In the end, like another old adage, “You get what you paid for” comes into play. The most precious thing you possess is LIFE. We must place its care and protection in the hands of leaders who feel the same way.


Mike Cargile




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