• April 20, 2024

Liberal Media Outlet Axios Says the Term ‘Open Border’ is a ‘Myth’ Being Pushed by Conservatives

 Liberal Media Outlet Axios Says the Term ‘Open Border’ is a ‘Myth’ Being Pushed by Conservatives

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The border crisis and unchecked illegal immigration is such a huge problem that is has now eclipsed the economy as the top issue for the 2024 election.

Some liberal media outlets have tried to gaslight the American people on this, but a recent report from Axios takes the gaslighting to a whole new level.

According to Axios, the idea of an open border is a ‘myth’ that’s being pushed by conservatives.

NOTE: This report is from October, but Axios tweeted it out this weekend, so it’s getting a lot of notice right now.

Axios Explains: The myth of a U.S.-Mexico “open border”

As the Biden administration grapples with the soaring number of migrants and asylum-seekers at the U.S.-Mexico border, conservative pundits and politicians have upped accusations that some Democrats support “open border” policies.

The big picture: By using the term “open border,” conservatives — including Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who is seeking the role of House speaker — are suggesting that anyone can get into the U.S. without much hassle. But the reality is that the southern border is more fortified than it’s ever been.

Reality check: Since 1992, the U.S. has quadrupled the number of Border Patrol agents — from less than 5,000 to nearly 20,000 today.

– Barriers, walls, and fences have been erected along portions of the 1,951-mile U.S.-Mexico border, in addition to new Border Patrol outposts and high-tech surveillance systems.

– The Border Patrol regularly breaks border arrest records, highlighting the difficulty of entering the country illegally.

People trashed this story on Twitter/X:

I feel so sorry for anyone who still thinks the news is real, or even attempting to be real.

Those poor folks are living some sort of a Trump nightmare that exists entirely in their minds. https://t.co/TAPlAJM1OU

— Scott Adams (@ScottAdamsSays) February 24, 2024

However much you loathe the propaganda press, it is nowhere even close to what’s needed. https://t.co/wSsK1S1Snp

— Mollie (@MZHemingway) February 24, 2024

The “justice and race reporter” for Axios, @RussContreras, declared the border fortified.

You can see the fortified border by looking at the picture below.

Super fortified. The most fortified it’s ever been. Nothing but a very fortified border.

Problem solved,

Source: The Gateway Pundit

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