• April 19, 2024

Liberal Media Scream: Taxpayer-subsidized PBS is more DNC than the DNC

by Paul Bedard, Washington Secrets Columnist


This week’s Liberal Media Scream features the clearest example yet that taxpayer-subsidized PBS is becoming an arm of the Democratic National Committee.

Appearing on Meet the Press, activist journalist Yamiche Alcindor echoed the DNC talking points on state-passed voting reforms, ignoring several fact checks that have shown that some, notably Georgia, have adopted more progressive voting changes than President Joe Biden’s home state or uber-liberal Connecticut.

Instead, the new host of PBS’s Washington Week and the White House correspondent for PBS NewsHour declared “an existential crisis in America” and went so far as to say that states are taking votes away from people “if we don’t like the way that you voted.”

And, as she has before, she gave the president a little advice, this time to “accelerate his nominees to the courts.”

From the roundtable on Sunday’s Meet the Press:

“When you talk to people who are really familiar with the thinking about this, it’s that Democrats realize that they might, that it’s not going to only be solved in a legislative way. There has to be a judicial and a court battle ahead. And when I’m talking to civil rights activists, they say they want to see two specific things: One, the DOJ really going after state legislatures. So, it’s to say you can not just, not only voters, not only suppress people’s votes, but nullify people’s votes. So, that can’t be the way that America works. The second thing that they want to see is more judges on the court. They want to see President Biden accelerate his nominees to the courts. So, I think that’s also where this is going.

“This is an existential crisis in America. Who can actually get the access to vote? Republicans in state legislatures are saying if you, essentially, and critics would say that ‘if we don’t like the way that you voted, we will take away your vote.’ And that, I think, is a real problem. If you look at Philadelphia state legislatures and if they, and whether or not they can even nullify a million votes in Philly — that could be a problem and a big problem.”

Media Research Center Vice President Brent Baker explained our weekly pick: “If there was any doubt remaining about whether Alcindor is a journalist or a Democratic political activist pretending to be a journalist, she eliminated it with this bombast, which has no basis in reality and echos the most extreme rhetoric of far-left activists. Nobody’s vote is being taken away anywhere. In fact, while some Republican states have set rules to guarantee multiple days of early voting, some states, such as Democratic-run Connecticut, have no early voting.”

Rating: FIVE out of FIVE screams.





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